Stars are walking the red carpet for 2012 BET Awards right now (Mikey is sending us photos), and I’m live-tweeting the highs and lows of the pre-show (my favorite snarky past-time; ). Yesterday we posted Big Sean and Meek Mill discussing that Chris Brown Drake-diss.
But this year’s Best New Artist category features one of the strongest groups in a long time: ASAP Rocky, Big Sean, Meek Mill…and then Diggy and Future. And when I asked Rocky about his chances of winning tonight, he gave a very humble and magnanimous answer! Meek Mill returned the favor, and at the very end of this clip, Miguel gave his thoughts on his Best Male Artist nomination too.

ASAP Rocky: “I dont deserve to win this award…personally, I think it deserves to go to Meek Mill. He put in more work this year. I’m not saying he’s a better artist than me…but turn on your radio, turn on your TV. It’s Meek Mills (sic) all together…Next year, when I win all the awards and grammys, I’m gonna deserve it. I will win this….but I want it when I deserve it. I want it at the right time. Right now, I’m voting for Meek.”

Meek Mill’s reaction: “I said the same thing! I hope any of us win this. ASAP Rocky doin his thing, he got that newest biggest deal. He got his homies that he’s bringing….” (and other stuff that I need to check our on-air audio for because it’s hard to hear, lol)

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