Last night, Desus and Mero welcomed the very illustrious A$AP Rocky onto their show for a hilarious interview — and by “interview” I mean shooting the shit for 20 minutes. In between all the jokes, Flacko talked about running around the Bronx as a kid, owing his early success to A$AP Yams (RIP), infiltrating White America, the key to keeping your kicks clean in the hood and Funk Flex’s recent tweet about rappers stealing A$AP Rocky’s swag.

“To get in the game you gotta have braids or dreadlocks, gold teeth, charisma, a fashion sense. Before us, there was people into fashion, but it was only like Kanye or Pharrell — or Puff before then. But now that’s standard. You gotta have some type of freshness. We brought that back into hip-hop,” Rocky said. “But aside from fashion, the monotone, the way I would pitch my voice, the nuances of my beat selections or the way I produce songs, I feel like a lot of kids that come up now inherited that.”

Watch below…

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