It was a monumental night for the Bravo network as A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown made their long awaited appearance on the Kathy Griffin’s show. Their viral video where they go in about wanting to knock boots with Kathy spawned it all. Sitting on the couch with other guest Russell Brand made it even more random and hilarious. There were moments where Danny had to explain the Molly craze which left the audience members in a bit of confusion, and of course a whole lot of talk about their infatuation with the redheaded host. Before it was all said and done, both rappers were given a shot to get lucky with Kathy during a game of x-rated dice. Rocky got a face-full of boobs, while Danny went home with a kiss.

Watch highlights from the show after the jump…

(props COS)

Bonus Clip:
Rocky talks to Al Lindstrom about the success of his album.

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