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Despite initial hype and not-so-subtle placements in countless music videos, Beats Music hasn’t exactly gotten off to the best start. Since it’s launch in January 2014, the streaming service has only managed to attract around 110,000 subscribers, which is tiny compared with Spotify’s 50 million customers (of which 12.5 million pay $120 annually) and the 200 million users iTunes currently boasts.

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However, thanks to the $3 billion takeover this past May, Beats Music is now Apple’s problem — and Tim Cook and co. have come up with a solution to boost the subscription base. According to the Financial Times, Apple is set to automatically install Beats Music on all iPhones in a new iOS update, coming March 2015. The new service will be available for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Making it instantly available to hundreds of millions of customers doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but Apple and Beats Music may find themselves with even tougher competition to topple than Spotify come next March: YouTube’s Music Key. The mobile-focused service, which launched this week in a beta-test mode, allows users to play music offline, ad-free and while using other apps, with unlimited access to Google Play’s extensive library.

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