There’s word around town that a smaller 4-inch iPhone 6 could be coming soon. It hasn’t been confirmed by Apple yet, but TechCrunch has some news on the rumored release. This really could be a hot seller.

I’ve heard from numerous people say that they just wished the 6 was a few inches smaller to accommodate their small hands. Sounds funny, but it’s true.

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TechCrunch Reports:

While it’s hard to know for sure if it’s a 4-inch display, it definitely looks smaller than the iPhone 6s. We can also see a a Touch ID home button and all the usual iPhone buttons (including a sleep/wake button on the side and not at the top). It’s still unclear if the new iPhone 6s Mini is going to receive an A8 or A9 chip, and most reports say that 3D Touch support is unlikely.

There have been many different rumors about a smaller iPhone. In particular, rumors have become more frequent over the past two months, indicating that there’s something happening.

And it’s true that a smaller iPhone makes a lot of sense. When Apple released the iPhone with its 3.5-inch display, it was a very different company. Apple wasn’t trying to please everyone because it didn’t have the bandwidth and the supply chain infrastructure to release dozens of variants of the same device. You could buy a 4GB or 8GB iPhone. That’s it.

A few years ago, Apple was releasing the best iPhone for most people. The company now has a different strategy — Apple wants everyone to find an iPhone for them.

Same thing for the MacBook line — you could choose between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. There wasn’t any MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with retina display or 12-inch retina MacBook in 2007.

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