After dropping off her captives in New York City last week, Rihanna jetted off to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with her new/old/re-boo Chris Brown who has been touring out in Germany. The first signs of their rendezvous was when she instagrammed a photo of a man laying in her bed…and fans quickly recognized Chris Brown’s back tattoos. Then there was the photo of Rihanna coyly posing from behind, topless, in thighhighs, sneakers and boyshorts. So it was only a matter of time before these two compulsive exhibitionists just posted a photo of themselves together for the world to see….and for Rihanna, I’m sure this was also directed at one particular girl in LA.

Check out Rihanna’s intimate Chris Brown instapic…
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aww….back on and poppin. Doesn’t seem that Chris’ “I’ve decided to be single” statement is valid anymore.

And in an equally touching sentiment….Rihanna posted this tweegram. LOL.


Totally agree. Roosters make amazing pets.

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