Amber Rose has set a strict no-drug policy in her house for when her first baby is born. A very preggo Amber swung by Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds this morning to talk all-things-baby, but unlike most soon-to-be-mothers, having the newborn with Wiz Khalifa means having to set standards for weed in the house.

“There is no weed allowed in the house at all,” Amber said firmly in the exclusive interview, then goes on further to explain that the potent smell makes her literally sick to her stomach. After Peter Rosenberg and K.Foxx laugh at the irony, Rosenberg playfully confronts Amber about her own weed-y habits. “My introduction to Amber Rose was backstage in Texas at at a Wiz show with a big, fat blunt in her hand,” he says on-air. But she quickly diffused the rumor: “No, I never smoke weed. I never, ever smoked in my life.”

And for Amber, a drugless pregnancy extends further than weed. According to the model (who’s already 20 weeks preggo), she’s plans to have the baby “all naturally–no drugs, no epidural,” and not in a hospital. “We’re going to have the baby at home. A water birth at home,” she revealed.

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Although Amber has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to weed around her newborn, she doesn’t think the wacky tobacky is all that bad. She tells Cipha Sounds:

“I don’t think weed is a bad thing. Wiz smokes a lot of weed. He’s very productive, he’s super smart, he’s not a couch potato. It doesn’t affect his personality or anything like that. This family is very for-weed. My family is for-weed, and so is his.”

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