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After SNL and Taylor Swift used Kanye as their punchline a few too many times, and then Kanye returned from Hawaii with an f–k you line in “Power“…..the natural thing to do is perform on the season almost-opener : )

Kanye turned his soundstage all white and filled it with a capezio-clad all-women’s version of the Torrance Community Dance Group (jk, lol) to perform “Power”…..but he also added a new second verse:

The crowned hero live from ground zero…machine gun flow made a ghetto Ross Perot, and this is just disest with my night goggles got military vision….
And its still a very Christian way to think about living when you praying for freedom ’cause your mind been in prison ’cause they trying to control every single decision….
Dog, you can count whatever suit you own, three piece, cufflinks and the accoutrements…they been feed us -ish without the nutrients, so I’m back with another hit to let the truth be known…
and they really can’t take what dude be on, but I’ll be on the same thing ’til ya prove me wrong….

Audio: Kanye West “Power” (Saturday Night Live version) (thanks to YAF)

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Kanye and dancers perform “Power” with a new second verse (via YAF)

Will add Kanye and Pusha performing “Runaway” soon. Sadly there were no Ye skit-appearance : ( The bar was set pretty high with that Beiber x Tina Fey skit. (but for the most part, tonite’s SNL ep has been odd and less than hilarious)


Kanye and Pusha “Runaway” (via Yardie)
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LOL, I love when folks get my random weirdo references.
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The death of Mike TeeVee.

Video: Kanye prepares for SNL while Drake performs on the Late Show with David Letterman
Genius Moment: Kanye West “Power” (first single off Good Ass Job) (Updated)