J. Cole wore his Yeezys to Summer Jam 2012

Sorry new rappers, the Yeezy 2s will continue to have more buzz than your mixtapes until at least July 4th. With only 48 hours left in the countdown until the first pairs are officially released, sneakerhead fever is striking even the average Nike customer. Previously, we recapped the first round of tastemakers to stunt on Instagram with their “friends and family” pairs. But things have gotten pretty out of hand since then. Did you see TMZ’s ridiculous story about the way over priced pair on Ebay? If you ain’t got $80,000 to spend on sneakers, try Footlocker’s online raffle, it’s the safest bet. Honestly, it’s cool to collect kicks but I want to see photos of people actually putting their Yeezy 2s to good use. I loved when Maestroe made a video of himself skating in the Yeezy 1s around the time they dropped. Sneakers belong on your feet, kid!

Lil Wayne rocks his Wolf Grey pair…
A Complete list of every story carrying the Yeezy 2s
Plex’s drool-producing visual of the prized shows
and more all after the jump…

Weezy was photographed parying his new Yeezy 2s at the club in Miami

Props to Complex for producing this stunning video of the Yeezys

Nike Milan is handling their release the proper way as well.

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