A beaming, smiling Adele took the mic at the Brit Awards to accept her British Album of the Year award, “I’m so so proud to be British…” when suddenly the show’s host scurried up and cut off the most awarded singer of the year. Why? Well, because it was time for the group Blur to start performing. *scratches head*

So much for giving your woman of the year a few extra seconds to finish her sentence. Yeesh. At least other award shows give winners a little wrap-it-up music. Now the host James Corden is mad he had to do the rudest thing since “Imma Let You Finish”-gate.

Gracious Adele responded by giving up the mic. But Tottenham Adele made sure to flip the suits at the Brit Awards the middle finger flag for having such a stick up their arse. Hey M.I.A., take note…this is a worthy bird-moment. (spotted via AK)

check out Adele’s Brit Awards performance, after the jump

Adele performs “Rolling In The Deep” at the 2012 Brit Awards.

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