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Seeing a dude get knocked the fuck out is pretty much a staple of an Action Bronson show these days. But his Blue Chips 2 tour stop in Baltimore last night looked more like an amateur wrestling night than a concert. As one gutsy fan stormed the stage, Bam Bam channeled his inner Lex Luger and put him in the torture rack before launching him back into the crowd. Then, a few more guys thought it was a smart idea to crash the stage before duly getting manhandled off.

At this point, it’s obvious it’s just frat bros thinking it’s “rad” to jump on stage because they know they’re going to get bodied by Bronson and end up with a smidgen of viral fame. It’s like poking the bear, only the bear is a 280-pound rapper who knows a hundred ways to put you on your ass. You feel for Bronson because his shows are almost being treated like a circus act. You can clearly see him in this clip kicking his sneakers into the crowd, tossing away the mic and looking pissed off, even after knocking out like three dudes.

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