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A movie project starring Eric from True Blood (Alexander Skarsgard)! *nom nom*…AND that sulky hunky football washup Tim Riggins from my favorite melodrama Friday Night Lights (Taylor Kitsch)?! *nom nom nom!*
Also….lovely fashionista singer Rihanna will make her acting debut on the film too. Ok. Feeling a lil’ trepidation…but still excited.
But wait, the movie is called Battleship? Please not a dumbed down version of Battlestar Gallactica! No? Phew…..um, it’s actually a movie based on the old Hasbro boardgame, Battleship.


There’s some hope because Peter Berg is directing. He’s that actor who was awesome in The Last Seduction, and since then has done a great job directing/producing Friday Night Lights, and a not so great job directing Hancock. (blech) But also interesting….it seems he’s also working on a “Cocaine Cowboys” feature film. Hmm.

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