I have no clue what is going on. Seriously, is this real and how the hell did Birdman get diplomatic immunity?? I say this because DJ Scoob Doo recently let loose with a video clip from his upcoming Triple OG project featuring Stunna, and in the clip Cash Money’s CEO shows off what appears to be a diplomatic certificate in his name. Birdman definitely says he can pretty much do whatever he wants beside catch up a body in a any country, and not get taken to jail. Huh? (But why does the date say 1961?)

Stay tuned for further evaluation and explanation. (via Bread Over Bed)

Miss Info: even though I love Birdman’s brash beyond-reality stunna style…the fact is, in order for you to get “diplomatic immunity”, a country (either the US or another country) needs to enlist Birdman for a diplomatic mission. And then the partner country has to agree (which, I’m told is totally possible as long as they don’t have a problem with your criminal history etc). So feasibly, someone like Angelina Jolie (who has done humanitarian work around the world) or Anna Wintour (who is trying to become a UK ambassador) might end up with some kind of diplomatic immunity in another country. And maybe Birdman buddied up with some rap-loving third-world leaders (one rapper told me about certain African royalty who love to befriend hip hop stars and even send expensive gifts) who named him as a diplomat. But the US would still have to approve that paperwork. And it might help to do spellcheck too…because the document in this video says “DIPOLMATIC” instead of “DIPLOMATIC” ; )

Watch the video clip after the jump…

spotted at Real Talk NY