It’s not everyday where your interview with an artist can turn his or her mood around. But that’s just what happened when I spoke to A$AP Rocky after Samsung’s Milk Lounge concert in Austin. Flacko had just come off the stage and was hanging in his trailer. Though he was feeling like a million bucks from the show, any remembrance of Yams would take Rocky to a sad place. But as we spoke about the lasting legacy of the Mob’s late leader — he quickly cheered up.

Watch the video interview below…

“You can’t describe something like this,” A$AP Rocky says of his sophomore album. While the upcoming project, dubbed just A.L.L.A. for now, doesn’t have a release date, Rocky says he hopes to have it out by the summer.

Announced guests on the LP include Juicy J, Lykke Li, FKA Twigs, and producer Clams Casino — along with executive producers Dangermouse and the late A$AP Yams. The 24-year old rapper says his new songs are indescribable sonically and is just looking for the prefect presentation. In an exclusive SXSW interview with VIBE, Flacko detailed his next moves.

“That’s why people don’t hear from me,” says Rocky after his Samsung Milk Lounge concert in Austin. “I just get lost and get creative. I ex-communicate myself with the world to an extent. I exclude myself because that’s the only way I can really focus. And that’s what I think I want to do again. Just to figure out how I want to present it to people. The job of me expressing myself is already finished. Now it’s all about getting it through to people.”

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