(The late singer Aaliyah with her brother Rashad Haughton)

On Monday we posted exclusive news about the upcoming Aaliyah posthumous music project, which is being put together by the late singer’s label Blackground Records. Drake is on board, 40 is on board, Timbaland is on board….but not Aaliyah’s brother?

A message appeared on Aaliyah’s Facebook page, attributed to her brother, Rashad Haughton:

“‘there is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.’ -Rashad Haughton (regarding upcoming album release rumors)”

This was immediately reported by many sites and news outlets as evidence that Aaliyah’s immediate family was opposed to the upcoming album. But wait a minute…not so fast.
Did anyone else notice that this “statement” seems to be just a copy-paste of a tweet that Rashad sent back in March, 2012? Meanwhile, if you check his actual twitter account, there’s been no outrage about the new Aaliyah x Drake song “Enough Said” or the news of Timbaland’s involvement. In fact, besides astrology links, the only thing that could possibly reference the Aaliyah developments is a tweet from Aug 1 saying: “Will be back on twitter soon with exciting update when well. Thanks for support.

So did someone running Aaliyah’s Facebook page (which has 1.6 million likes, by the way) just rehash an old statement to cause conflict? Seems that way.

And today, we got a reaction from Blackground Records that seems to contradicts that rehashed “statement.”
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(Aaliyah with her mom, dad and brother)

A high-level source at Blackground Records (run by Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson and cousin Jomo Hankerson) sent us this message:

Let them know that it’s family stuff that we’re working thru now but Aaliyah’s mother wanted us to do this!

Well, if Aaliyah’s mom is okay with it, then is her Facebook going rogue? Hey Hankersons, Haughton and Team Aaliyah social media assistants….perhaps you guys should all get on a skype conference call? Google+ Hangouts?

(a vintage photo of Barry Hankerson, far left, talking to his artist R.Kelly, far right, and an engineer at the Hit Factory recording studio, via Life)

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