you guys have such sharp ears….nothing gets past y’all, lol….After I posted 50’s new “Amusement Park” single, a bunch of you celebdrama family pointed out that its the same damn beat as last year’s Jim Jones song featuring Max B and Stack Bundles, called “Your Majesty.” Thats shameful, lol….who’s the producer of this thing?

Big up to Freeze Fiya, J.O.S.E., and JC….kudos for catching that!

UPDATE: hahaha, so according to my G-unit insiders, the producer sent a beat CD to DJ Drama along time ago, and that’s how it turned into a Jim Jones freestyle on his mixtape. Then the beat was officially sold to 50  later for “Amusement Park. And according to them, 50 didnt know the beat was used before or by whom….When I pointed out that maybe that lil fact should have been communicated to the big guy, the response was..”The Producer made a bad decission.and He is Paying for his Mistake.if you know what i mean….” Um….no I have no idea what you mean but I know it probably wasnt pretty, lol….

Here is 50’s “Amusement Park”

[audio:Amusement Park xtra clean 5-2.mp3]

and here is Jim Jones’ “Your Majesty”


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