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50 Cent made waves when he attended the Aruba Film Festival to screen his dramatic movie Things Fall Apart on Tuesday night.

The rapper/actor/businessman was still slim after losing 70 lbs for the role last year. But most folks today are focusing on his hair. Seems to be some kind of texturizer going on…like a light S-Curl comb-thru? Looks like mostly curls but with a few uncooperative strands that just had to stand up and say…”Hey! I’ve been permed! Acknowledge me!

When I asked my G-Unit hucksters about the hub-bub….they said “Fif is dropping a new curl product.” LOL!

Here’s a gallery of 50 Cent at the Aruba Film Fest, but please note that even a few weeks ago during his romantic beach romp with girlfriend Daphne Joy….Fif’s hair is long and fluffy. Perhaps pre-treated? I’m assuming this new moisturized look is for another film role. He’s quickly catching up to Samuel L. Jackson when it comes to hair dares. Bald-headed, Waka Flocka dreads, and now this!

Watch video of 50 Cent on the red carpet at the Aruba Film Festival…you can barely see his girlfriend in his entourage
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50 Cent (and his new ‘do) on the red carpet at the Things Fall Apart screening, Aruba Film Festival

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Just a few weeks ago in Mexico, 50 Cent’s hair was already long and fluffy….

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PS: I know this is so random, but you know my weirdo mind….as soon as I saw 50 Cent’s Soul Glo (Freshalina called it a ‘Luther Curl’), I thought of this Oaktown 357 classic song, “Juicy Gotcha Krazy.” LOL!
Cold goin’ mad!