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50 Cent was recently “spotted” having an “impromptu” romantic photo shoot with his new girlfriend while on vacation in Mexico…..Clearly these lovebirds were hip to the fact that they were being documented.
In fact, your girl Info and Angie Martinez were with 50 and his girlfriend last month when were were all at his Things Fall Apart movie screening in Manhattan. (see coverage of that event here).
It was a double date for 50 and her, and Floyd Mayweather and his fiancee Shantel Jackson.

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So who is this woman that 50 has been dating for the past few months?
Her name is Daphne Joy Narvaez, and she’s a model from the Philippines who is also mixed with Puerto Rican. She’s 24 years old and along with modeling in all the men’s mags and websites, she’s done some music video work (Neyo’s “Miss Independent“) and appears in the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie as….
a mermaid ; )

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(50’s boo Daphne is the mermaid on the far right)

See more photos of 50 Cent and his new girlfriend, Daphne Joy Narvaez…at his movie screening last month, and during their Mexico vacation….
Also, Daphne Joy talks about playing a mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean 4…and her love for Manny Pacquiao, lol….
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This woman’s body is insane. They probably run triathlons together.

Daphne seems very sweet in this clip on the red carpet of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides premiere. She’s proud to be a Filipina on film, and since this interview happened on the same day at Manny Pacquiao’s last fight, she talks about how she’s a fan…hopefully, her friend Shantal Jackson (Floyd Mayweather’s fiancee) and her boyfriend (Floyd’s bestie) understand that patriotism comes first, lol.

50 Cent’s Things Fall Apart Movie Screening (NYC)