Mikey: After being postponed last month due to permit problems and fear of violence, the 50 Cent and Bete Midler sponsored “40 Day” or family day  finally went down yesterday at PS 40 in Southside Jamica, Queens. It was previously  reported that the G-unit crew wouldn’t perform, and Bloomberg even confirmed this, but from the fotoage, it looks 50, Banks, and Yayo (along with special guest Cormega & Papoose)  all did their thing for the community that raised them. MTV News was on site and reported the event as a huge success and more importantly  a fun-filled day for the neighborhood.

“You been to a park jam before. You might have seen a lot of sh–, but you never seen no sh– like this,” 50 told the crowd. He directed them to look at the school rooftop where a slew of cops were posted. He then directed them to look at the rooftop of the adjacent housing projects where more officers were watching.

“Wave at ’em,” 50 said. “Y’all might as well come down and party.” He also assured the police he didn’t come to start any problems.

“I’m on my best mutha—-in’ behavior. Another day, I’ll be on some bullsh–.”

“50 was really happy we could do this today, finally,” Yayo told MTV News. “It means a lot to perform in your neighborhood. We go all over the world — Africa, Asia, Europe — but to perform in your own neighborhood is extra special.”

(props to Icedot)