Yesterday, 50 Cent called in to talk to Tim Westwood, on 1Xtra (by the way, you can hear my celebrity drama reports every afternoon on the Tim Westwood Show on 1Xtra : )….

The two discussed 50’s upcoming London concert, and calls London the “New York City of Europe.”

He discusses the criticism about his Curtis album vs the street feel of War Angel, addresses his bad-guy image. But what about the reports that 50 is dabbling with “techno” tracks on his upcoming Black Magic album?!?…..and 50 also responds to Rick Ross’ babymama’s sextape lawsuit…..listen after the jump…

A 50 Cent techno song?:

I got a joint that’s real uptempo (“like Will I Am, a happy Flo-Rida?”) No, its a different kind of vibe, its still 50 Cent….I’m listening to different music. I’m using different song formats…experiment with different things, still 50 Cent content…

He also talks about working with a live band for the first time, working with UK artist Ashley Cole, and about the lawsuit from Rick Ross’ baby moms.

“That wasn’t me, that was Pimpin’ Curly….a person tries to say, you’ve done a mental harm to them. Then they might want to consider the recordings of Rick Ross saying that she’s an actual call girl. Or the pamphlets that I’m showing in the tape, that’s saying that she’s available. So how distraught is she that a tape went out? They think I bought the tape, I didn’t even buy it.”

LOL at 50 and Tim doing the Beamer, Benz or Bentley quiz at the end.

[audio:WESTWOOD – 50 CENT INTERVIEW 2010-03-17.MP3]