After 50 Cent’s initial phoner with Angie Martinez/Hot97 about the Worldstar HipHop site removal, and his ongoing dispute with them….Fif had a separate convo off-air with the CEO of Worldstar, Lee “Q” Odenat.

In classic 50 Cent fashion, 50’s side of the convo was recorded and videotaped. So in this video you see 50 Cent being asked if he would like to speak to “Q” from Worldstar on the air, and he says “Yes, I’d like that. Very much.” But unlike on-air arguments like Mase x Jim Jones, or 50 x Styles P, the two men are conferenced in off-air. At which point, 50 gets his O-Dog/MenaceToSociety on and dresses down Q on speakerphone….telling him, “What’s up sucka, I should black ya’ eye…watch me show you some of the old me. Keep playing with me, Q. I dare you try to say something crazy. If you’re in New York, you come to my office and we talk. Don’t you ever try to talk to me on no radio.

That last part confused me a bit, because I thought 50 wanted to get on air with Q. But either way, the convo went from: I should cause the blood vessels around your orbital socket to bleed beneath your skin…to…”alright then you come to the office and sit down and that’s it.” LOL.

UPDATE: And now WSHH is back up. I wonder if all the folks who complained about how toxic it is will stay away from it. All that hullabaloo and RIP tweets for nothing. Smh. Look, there are a bunch of “gossip” sites that clearly don’t care when they’re wrong. They capitalize on the traffic for the lie, and then get everyone again when they post a correction. Sometimes, they don’t even bother with the correction. When I figure out that’s what the site is about. I stop going. Duh! So clearly, there are lots of people who like videos of pregnant hooker fights. I can’t front, sometimes I do too. Other people want straight music videos. Those people go to FreeOnsmash.

Related: 50 Cent tells Angie Martinez that he wasn’t actually responsible for the takedown of WorldstarHipHop but he does have an ongoing lawsuit against them for using his likeness without permission. Worldstar responds in a separate interview.