50 Cent and Gayle King 1
(Gayle King and 50 Cent: the braids are new…but a mockneck with the suit? really?! It’s fitted like under armour.)

50 Cent is no stranger to heavy-handed public declarations of celeb love. But in this case, he probably really did fall for Gayle King’s warm, down-to-earth, auntie demeanor. The OWN tv host and and OG Grand Wizard of FOO (Friends of Oprah) had Fif on her talk show on Weds to discuss his ongoing Street King campaign (remember his rant against corporate greed last week?). But after their chat, he announced on twitter his love for Gayle’s smarts…and her much talked about donk, lol.

Then today Gayle made her own declaration of love…sending this photo to 50 #SoHeKnowsItsReal…

Gayle King 50 Cent tattoo

(checkmate, Gayle. Next move, 50 shaves her portrait into his hair! Thanks to my girl Samantha Jacobson from The Gayle King Show!….I wonder how Gayle feels about 50 naming his dog Oprah, lol.)

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