On Monday night, 50 Cent will be appearing on NBC’s The Voice to debut his new single “My Life.” Produced by Symbolic One (Kanye West “Power”), the song features Eminem and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. Back in October, the trio filmed the accompanying visual for 50’s upcoming Street King Immortal album in Detroit. Until the full song premieres tomorrow, Myspace has out first listen of the collaboration. In the 31-second preview, Fif takes time to throw a quick shot at former G-Unit members Game and Young Buck. (UPDATE: A radio rip has been added.

Listen to a radio f 50’s single below….

Radio Rip via HHNM

New Music: 50 Cent Feat. Eminem and Adam Levine – “My Life” (prod. by Symbolic One) (Snippet)

Thanks to RapDose

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13 Responses to “Preview: 50 Cent Feat. Eminem and Adam Levine “My Life” (Radio Rip)”

  1. BOSTON Says:

    I know its only the snippet but finally man… Content (so far) has real human emotion in it and the flow fits the beat… Waiting on the full version

  2. Me Says:


  3. lostboy Says:

    not sure if 50 cents old style of predictable collabos (em, Dre, Gunit) is working anymore..he needs to diversify his portfolio and start making tracks with other well known artist down south (TI, Jeezy, Dre 3000, etc) and in NY (French, Jones, Cory Gunz, Jay etc). His old formula is a wrap! He needs to switch up his style/formula cause he fell off something serious

  4. Siy@ Says:

    LMFAO no he doesnt you talkin nonsense.

    Just go listen to 2Chaina or French Mantana kiddo.

  5. Me Says:

    Very tru! As an artist u shud continue to grow… It’s not like he doesn’t have the means to make these things happen. It all boils down to pushin ur ego aside & realizing its time for a new route. Personally I would like to see 50 drop some songs with some real content. I mean he’s at a point where rapping from an inspiring perspective would work for him. Just my take on it.

  6. Kipp Says:

    In 2007 he said If Curtis did not out sell graduation he will retire so why is he still here?

  7. SayItLikeItIs Says:

    i like that 50 hasn’t changed and doesn’t seem to wanna change he just keeps doing him while other rappers are all remaking the same songs with the same producers and same features 50 aint from the south his from new york

  8. yoprince Says:


  9. Dreamchaser Says:

    WTF is this nigga lostboy talkin about ?lol … you want 50 to do songs like hold me back, instagram that hoe and pop that and work with niggas that fux with ppl who tryed to kill him (irv gotti) ?

    50s made mad money fuckin with dre, eminem and his crew, they all rich he dont need to do anything.

    If u feel you and more ppl would fux with 50 cause of who he stands next to then you dont realy fux with him… and you should still continue not to fux with him trust me he dont need you the platinum, diamond album plates and grammys are in his office and not on his mind like Rick Ross and French, Jones and Cory Gunz you mentioned.

    just keep not liking 50 he dont need you… the album you want with lots of features with bad chemistry all to get noticed is days away its called Jesus Piece

  10. Banko0o0o Says:

    its okay

  11. Lostboy Says:

    So I’m going to keep it simple and ask a simple question Did 50 Cent fall off yes or no?

    I say yes…what y’all think?

  12. Lostboy Says:

    Yeah man whatever…y’all keep being on that New York shit like y’all stuck I the 90s or something…dude get it together hip hop is global now…50 needs to start making songs that slam and. Get some respect fr his peers these days. He’s past the 2003 GRODT era…he has nothing to prove to the hip hop community as far as street credibility goes…he gets an A for that….but as far as making quality music that everyone can enjoy…anthems (consistently)..great collabs with other great artist in the game… He hasn’t proven that yet….. I think 50 needs some new goals with this rap shit…I’m sick and tired of picking up his mixtapes I.e. the lost tape and five…and this dudes rapping with no progression and acting like he’s still stuck on the block when in reality he has moved on and has more than a 100 in the bank….he should definitely take some page out of HOVs book and use that for guidance….real talk

  13. Lostboy Says:

    I just want to add no disrespect to New York or the sound of its music ESP the 90s which I grew up on…but seriously history has shown that sound/styles need to change or else you are not relevant in the mainstream point blank…this is why artists like redman, sheen louch, styles, Nore, Camron, and I’ll even throw GFKilla in there….have lost touch with the mainstream crowd as far as relevancy goes…this is where 50 cent is soon to end up..and you can take that too the bank…no pun intended. He gonna be another New York artist that had his time and it came an went….then go sign to Koch records… real talk. If rap his a hustle and its full of so called hustlers then this dude needs to switch up his product…the product nowadays is great songs with other great artists and no perpetuating beef which was his old product…. Dude can be that hustler again just sell that new product and out do everyone else…look at Hov great example…Ross too….even a side note look at qtip linked up with good music trying to be relevant again?? I think so

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