After catching up with HOT 97’s morning show last week, 50 Cent returned to the station’s primetime slot on Tuesday night for a conversation with Funkmaster Flex.

Over an hour long, the G-Unit rapper-mogul speaks on leaving Interscope Records, Jimmy Iovine expressing a dislike for 50, recent issues with Steve Stoute, performing at Summer Jam 2014 with Nas, his relationship with Lloyd Banks, Jay Z vs. Drake, new rappers from New York City, his come up as a rapper/ghostwriter during the late 90s-early 2000s, and his long history of issues with Diddy.

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On the process of leaving Interscope Records:

“I had communications with Steve Berman first, at Interscope. Then I had a meeting with Paul [Rosenberg], and he’s Em [Eminem], but I have to have the Em conversation after him [Paul]. So I talked to Paul so Paul could have his conversation with Em. It was a while, Paul had to see what I was saying happening over and over.”

On fallout with Jimmy Iovine:

“Me and Jimmy, I don’t even know where the disconnect happened. I know where my actual issues with him were created from…we had communication, we spoke to each other and he expressed that he didn’t like me.”

The reason Jimmy Iovine doesn’t like 50 Cent:

“It stems from his passion for Beats….when he sees me with SMS [Audio].”

On the confrontation with Steve Stoute at Madison Square Garden:

“I really wish I could’ve like….not had so many people and so many cameras around when I actually had that conversation with him.”

Reason behind recent issues with Interscope Records:

“I think the real disconnect and the point that the negative energy comes is when I decide to commit to SMS Audio, while they’re promoting Beats.”

Current relationship with Nas:

“We good. I went to see him, he was in New York recently at the Beacon Theatre. He was doing rehearsals and running through the actual show, because it was like the 20th anniversary of Illmatic. I didn’t go to the concert, I went to see him ahead of the concert when he was actually doing rehearsals. He called earlier that week and he was like ‘Yo you going to Summer Jam, you got to tell whats getting ready to happen because I know. I know you got something crazy planned I just got to make sure we’re in the loop.'”

On a possible G-Unit reunion at HOT 97 Summer Jam:

“There’s a possibility for us to do things, but they got to get themselves together. I think its the work, when you start to see the activity and the progress from them as individuals that you do it.”

Status with Lloyd Banks:

“I haven’t had communications with Banks for a long period of time, right. But when we weren’t having that communication he didn’t say anything disrespectful….I use to say ‘Yo he’s almost retarded.’ Like I say this only because I go: How they didn’t call to find out if you didn’t go get another record deal? with someone else….like you can leave. In my mind, the whole time it was because he wanted his independence.”

On Jay Z versus Drake:

“I think its good, man. I don’t think its a dangerous competition for Jay.

Its going to be what musical choices [they make], the production choice count too….its the same “Ether” versus the other joint [“Takeover”].

On Action Bronson’s music:

“He reminds me of Ghostface, the tones on record. I want to find out how Ghostface feels about it, because if he don’t like it I don’t like it.

I like his music, though. When I say it reminds me of his tones, the way his voice is very similar to him. His [wordplay] is different.”

Thoughts on Troy Ave (who some have compared to 50):

“Troy Ave is going to be one of those guys, I hope actually goes to the top. Let me tell you why, he’s honest about his influences…he says it all the time, he’s honest. I’ve seen artists influenced by someone else and its cool to pay homage to that actual artist but when you actually offer those things…and I know he got it because I hear him carrying the tones the right way, its just him doing it with his melodies and his own way.

He’s already better than a lot of artists because there’s no artist development.”

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