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Tensions between 50 Cent and Steve Stoute have been building (and not for the first time) lately when Fiddy confronted Steve at a Knicks game for comments he made about him on Hot 97. The Queens rapper addressed the topic in two separate interviews this week, and gave two very different answers.

Sitting down with MTV’s Rob Markman, 50 played his cards close to his chest. He joked that he basically told Steve what he said wasn’t very nice and he wanted an apology (giving the clean version, of course). He also discussed their history and recalled the time Steve allegedly advised him against signing with Eminem.

During his interview with Complex News, however, Curtis wasn’t scared to let the safety off. He warned Steve that he is “getting closer to actually getting his ass whooped,” giving a detailed account of what a right hook from Curtis Jackson would look like. Despite his not-so-subtle threat, 50 claims that he is simply responding to, not provoking Steve, and believes he is unfairly portrayed as the “bully” in these situations.

Do we say, “Good for him!”? If I smack the fire out of him in front of everybody at Madison Square Garden. WOW! When you see his skin damn near come off the side of his head. Does anyone say, “Good for him!”? Or do they go, “Oh man, why 50 do that? He bully him.”

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