The dynamic that 50, Em and Dre share will always be a mysterious one. I still don’t know if Dre and Fif hate each other or it’s really all good. But according this recent interview 50 did with Big Boy, things are all peachy within the G-Unit, Aftermath, Shady circles.

50 Cent talks about his relationship with Em x Dre (via HHNM)

Also, check out this random Tweet that producer Dame Grease sent out. We’re not quite sure what’s up but Dame did work closely with Max before he got locked up.

(props to BigHomie)


“Basically I spoke to Max this morning, I was on the phone with Max and his mom, and Max hasn’t spoken to 50, not regarding this issue,” he continues. “It comes as a surprise to all of us. It’s shocking that a guy as vocal as 50 Cent would have Dame Grease speaking on his behalf. I can’t speak for 50. I don’t know if he intends to do what Dame is claiming he’s saying. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I can tell you this: Max is still signed to Amalgam Digital. Amalgam Digital doesn’t know anything about it. Max doesn’t know anything about it. So we’re a little confused right now, where Dame Grease is getting this from.” – DJ Next, the CEO of Amalgam via XXL

50 Cent talks his love life, new hair, mansion in Connecticut, Nicki Minaj and her ass after the jump…

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