So my longtime friend and co-warrior in this biz, Elliot Wilson, head of XXL mag, sent me his latest webitorial installment from…..

And in it, he reveals an interesting turn of events….

Looks like 50 cent and Kanye West are going to be posing together for the next cover of Rolling Stone magazine. This brings up a couple points to me….

1) These two artists are clearly smart enough to force their egos to sublease just enough space for their business savvy. Sure, they both feel like they’re the best. But this battle for 9-11-07 can be a blessing or a curse, why not milk it for all its worth. So play it up: the Bad Guy vs the G.O.O.D guy. The Man against the Machine vs the Man with Big Brother’s blessing.

2) Here’s the other issue that this Rolling Stone collabo brings to mind. It reminds me of a long time ago when Death Row Records were at their height of success and notoriety. And Suge Knight gave the New York Times Magazine unprecedented access to his life for a big story. Honestly it was one of the best (at least most interesting) pieces of hip hop journalism I had ever read…..too bad he wouldn’t let any hip hop journalists in to get the same shot. (well, not without a pre-interview intimidation session)

Anyways, Elliot addresses this issue in a more subtle way, lol….

50 Cent and Kanye West have decided to join forces and pose together for a Rolling Stone cover. When the white man comes knocking, niggas sure go jumping through hoops to please ‘em…..

…can I get a fuck you to all you hip-hop fucks who prioritize the crackers in the mainstream above us. Y’all make me sick to my stomach.

Bo bo bo! Love that. Although, I’d also say that mainstream fuckery comes in all colors.

Like El, I have friends at Rolling Stone and love alot of what they do (sometimes, I even get the honor of contributing). But its the principles of the labels more that is the problem. Not the mags who are all trying to create something exciting. Anyways, make sure you check out XXL’s own Kanye cover which El will be leaking this weekend. While some things dont change (ie, hip hop label folks jumping into downward dog salutations to cater to mainstream fantasies)….

Some other things have changed. Like, the fact that those mainstream mags dont have the best hip hop writing anymore : )