Well, Rick Ross’ monster record “3 Kings” finally hit the ‘Net and it’s awesome. It’s not perfect but pretty damn close to it. Take your time and take it all in, but while you listen there’s some unfinished business to handle regarding Rozay’s hilarious Bonappetit interview where he mentions cooking up a cheese-on-Honeybun in the microwave. Ross used to also whip a different kind of work when he was still living on a ramen-for-dinner budget. His old school treat intrigued so many of you, so we had to give it an official taste test. 3 honeybuns, 3 cheeses, one demented blogger… #3Kings.

Start the taste test after the jump…

The infamous Honeybun is a bodega classic. You can buy this in any hood convenient store for a mere 50 cents (American).

It comes glazed and is so chock full of preservatives and crap that it shines like it has been sprayed with Windex

I also copped the extra special “frosted” Honeybun. Extra sh*t to give you diabetes faster.

Test 1: Cheddar cheese

After 45 seconds in the microwave as instructed by Ross, the molten beauty was ready for tasting. Surprisingly, IT TASTED LIKE CRACK. The cheese gets soaked into the bun and becomes savory sweet.

Test 2: American cheese

The American cheese stayed more consistent and didn’t really fuse with the bun. It was more like when the cheese slides off the pizza. It was just okay.

Test 3: The ultimate munchie concoction, a frosted Honeybun with imported 3-pepper cheese from France.

I can’t stop eating, and I’m so sick! But this was awesome. Final answer: Rick Ross’ Honeybun Special is delicious but DEADLY!

**Disclaimer** Missinfo.tv is not responsible for any ailments related to the Cheesy Honeybun.

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