March 2012

While Thursday night’s Slaughterhouse concert at the Best Buy Theater in New York  City was to be a celebration of the group’s new single and upcoming album, things quickly changed prior to showtime. Joe Budden was arrested for a parking ticket dating back to 2007, and the sold out crowd got a show without one member. Today, the full group made a visit to Fuse TV and spoke with Jason Newman on their run-in with the New York Police Department last night.

“I got arrested before the show for an unpaid traffic ticket in 2007. If I would’ve known about the situation, it would’ve been cleared up. But I didn’t; it had never popped up before and I’ve gone through the system a few times. When there’s a bench warrant, they catch you when they can catch you and it just so happens that we had a sold-out show at Best Buy Theatre.”

“It was hurtful to me because we were in the process of doing a meet and greet and fans flew in from Europe,” says Budden. “One girl flew in two months ago and stayed just for this show. So I was disappointed in that aspect, especially in your hometown.”

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Our friend Tim Westwood always brings out the best of the people he interviews. While Drake made his London stop on his Club Paradise tour, he sat down with Westwood to discuss bodacious women, the middle finger to ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee while performing “Marvin’s Room,” and Westwood’s customized ‘YOLO’ sneakers … “These shoes only live once.”

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Stalley makes one his Rich Forever features his own track, minus 2 Chainz’ verse. Which sucks, because I actually love Titty’s bars on that record.

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Remember when Yeezy was in his DJ mode back in late December? Tweeting from London proclaiming to call him DJ Yeezy World Peace and then debuting his skills by playing Cassie’s “King of Hearts” at Le Baron nightclub, it looks he did end up putting his own spin on the track. Listen to Yeezy’s version below that our friends over at Hot 97 sent to us.

* The only difference we hear in the two versions is the upbeat clapping rhythm and some added background vocals. Compared the two tracks after the jump.

New Music: Cassie Feat. Kanye West “King of Hearts (Remix)”

Hit the jump to hear the original “King of Hearts,” and footage of Yeezy DJ’ing at Le Baron nightclub.

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Hahah, I never thought I’d see Young Jeezy doing a Nardwuar interview. Jeezy is definitely a serious dude, but like the almighty interviewer that he is, the Human Serviette sticks to his guns. Even when Jeezy gives him a little heat about being like the FBI, Nardwuar goes in. Watch it happen, above

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Iggy’s new single came out to some mixed reviews. It seems to be love it or hate it with this one. Last night, Azalea and Tip gave a live demonstration on why “Murda Bizness” is a song to be replayed at a high volume. Thanks to @Cam_Kirk for scooping this footage at The Basement in Atlanta.

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After announcing his upcoming lecture at New York University, many are puzzled as to what the Based God will cover during his appearance. Lil’ B talks with Fuse TV to explain how the speaking engagement came about, and what the selected group of people will hear from him come April 11.

“They reached out to me via email. Respect to NYU because they really see what I give to the world and they really believe in me. Respect to [NYU President] John Sexton. I got swag like Sexton. Spread the positive. I wanna keep that super secret until we get there, but what I will tell you is that I specialize in the progression of humans. It’s gonna be a real progressive talk and when everybody leaves, their lives will be changed.”

After the jump, Lil’ B speaks on Madonna playfully singing “Hoes on my d*ck ’cause I am Madonna” in-studio recently….


With her new album set to drop in five days, Nicki Minaj continued her promo run appearing on American Idol earlier this evening. While the song’s received various lukewarm responses on the internet, the Harajuku Barbie performed her now top 10 single “Starships.” Safe to say the video should be dropping very soon, watch her performance above as Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded drops next Tuesday.

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In support of their show at the Best Buy Theater in NYC, Slaughterhouse popped into the Angie Martinez for a quick chat. First, the guys & Ang, goof around a bit and clown on Joe Budden for posting pause-worthy pics of his body on Instagram. In fact, Budden admits the trill OG Bun B hit him up to let him he had to unfollow him because of it… lol.

Audio: Slaughterhouse visits Hot 97’s Angie Martinez (3-29-12) (Part 1)

UPDATE: Looks like Slaughterhouse’s show at Best Buy Theater didn’t go as planned. It was reported and confirmed by the group members that Joe Budden was arrested prior to Thursday night’s show. Why you may ask? For an outstanding warrant dating back to a parking ticket from 2007. Really NYPD? You couldn’t wait until after the show to tackle the issue. Instead plenty of fans were robbed and didn’t get to see the full group they paid money to see. “We love Joey too, chanting for him ain’t gonna get him outta jail.” said Royce Da 5’9″ to fans chanting Joey’s name. All is fine now as Joe is free according to the label’s Twitter, who also provided the photo above after he was released.

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Things are finally in motion for Roc Nation star Rita Ora. The singer/songwriter takes us behind-the-scenes of her first official video for the single, “R.I.P.” featuring Tinie Tempah. The video, directed by Emil Nava takes place in an abandoned warehouse where the two stylish U.K. artists give us several performance shots in the unknown location, that also features various vintage cars on set. Rita’s debut is set to drop later this year as “R.I.P” and “Party & Bullshit” steadily rises up the charts.

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