January 2011


Snoop Dogg drops a new anthem right in time for the Super Bowl. In this weeks #PuffPuffPassThursdays submission, David Banner, who recently dropped his own football anthem does production duties on “It’s D Only Thing”.

New Music: Snoop Dogg – “It’s D Only Thing” (prod. by David Banner & THX)

Props to SnoopDogg

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Nicki Minaj & Drake walk down the aisle while Nicki’s latest alter-ego “Martha” makes her debut…all in the video for “Moment 4 Life”, the new single off Nicki’s certified platinum album Pink Friday. (Directed By Chris Robinson)

MissInfo says: The video is so cute and….sparkly! It made me think of:
1) the nightly parade and fireworks at Disney World.
2) Glinda the Good Witch
3) Puff Daddy x J.Lo in the “Been Around the World” video (maybe its just the grand scale of it)
4) and most of all, the romantic drama reminds me of the awesome Jodeci “Love Me For Life” video from back in the day when Mr. Dalvin and T-Boz got mock-married!
*see all 4 references after the jump*

And watch the livestream of MTV’s Q&A session with Nicki Minaj & Sway…..

(video spotted on RealTalkNY)

this is weed rap that’s even catchy for us non-weed smokers. (which is what I expected the Detox leaks would be. But they’re so not.) Also, Too Short’s voice is always refreshing.

And speaking of Short Dawg, the Oakland OG is obviously included in Complex‘ latest greatest music list:
The 50 Greatest Bay Area Rap Songs (with the new improved click-thru system!)
And I also liked this clip of Short, E40 and some Japanese fans in Tokyo that I saw on Julia Beverly’s tumblr. Sugoi!

But back to Wiz Khalifa….it’s still a big deal when a guy brings a girl home to meet his momma, right?

Amber Rose and Wiz’s mom in matching black mink, lol…
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Just over a week ago, Jim Jones sent us a scary photo of a car crash that he miraculously walked away from unharmed….and thinking over the drama inspired him to record a new song called “Crash.” I’m not sure if this is off his upcoming Capo project (due in March) but a lot of folks can relate to catching a really lucky break. (thanks to Jimmy and Rahim The Dream for sending this over)

“After they finished searching the van for drugs…the officer told me ‘If I don’t believe in God — now is the time to start.”

The photo of the car crash that Jimmy is rapping about…
after the jump

One thing’s for sure, if it isn’t new music, Rick Ross is always delivering new visuals. Here, Rozay drops a new video for his stellar verse (yes we know he didn’t stay on topic) on Kanye West’s “Devil In A New Dress”, off the platinum album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. (Props RapRadar)

What happened to the “Live Fast, Die Young” video?

Filmed in Toronto while on his B.M.F. tour, Directed by Dre Films.

Mikey says: Okay, now I know Ross and his fans were extra excited about this verse, and maybe Yeezy already told him that an official “Devil In A New Dress” video isn’t going to happen, but this video is looking mad Wingstop-ish. I mean in the verse he says “excess is just my character, so what happened here? And I agree his verse is mean—but the visuals don’t do Ross’ rhymes, Kanye, Bink’s beat, or T.O. any justice. (North waddup!)

(watch the video after the jump…)


Drake chops it up with Sway of MTV News on set of “Moment 4 Life”, the single he’s featured on from Nicki Minaj that’s off her platinum album Pink Friday. In the clip above, Drake gives a little preview of what to expect when the video premieres this evening.

“I mean, it’s a fantasy video. So you’ve got a very regal environment, and you’ve got Nicki doing what she does — big outfits, big everything — and it’s a great video. The twist of it, or the concept of it, I don’t wanna give it all away”.

For working with Nicki on set:

“Yeah, I love that girl, man. I’m not gonna lie to you, I love her, so it’s easy. It’s not hard to play romantic.”

“Moment 4 Life” premieres tonight on MTV at 7:54 p.m. EST followed by a live interview on MTV.com

Props to MTV

***Update: Derick G has photos from the video shoot***

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After the jump, Nicki gives a preview, talks working with her co-star and behind the scenes pics….



Yesterday, KiD CuDi returned to Twitter and used the time to update fans on his upcoming projects this new year. Not only is he working with Kanye & Jay-Z (possibly for Watch The Throne), but he’ll be releasing Wizard, a rock album with producer Dot Da Genius. For his hip hop fans, he’ll also be dropping a new mixtape titled A Man Named Scott also coming this summer. If that isn’t enough in March he’ll start shooting the second season of HBO’s How To Make It In America.

Pushing for a summer release of the ‘Wizard’ album. I produce and play guitar on everything with my main man @dotdagenius, he’s learnin bass. The ‘Maniac’ film will be released later this year. Cage, Shia [LaBeouf] and I really want everything just right, and I need the proper time for scoring. ‘Wizard’ is a rock album, no raps, just singing…brand new thing, flavor. Workin on some Jay and Ye shit, new mixtape ‘A Man Named Scott” that’s this summah for all those who fucks with my raps, this is for u since ima be all rocked out with the ‘Wizard’ shit. Oh and new york catch me if u can, I start filmin ‘How To Make It [In America]’ in March.

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Jay-Z and Will Smith have joined together to for a brand new venture that includes producing and directing films. Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment company and Mr. Carter will team up to release their first major film project, a remake of the classic Annie with confirmed reports of Willow Smith starring in the film. Overbrook is run by Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith along with partners Ken Stovitz and James Lassiter that also worked with Jay-Z to produced the Broadway musical Fela!.

Says Jay-Z:

“The Overbrook Entertainment family and I have a unified vision. We’ve already produced a Tony Award-winning play and we’re developing a true superstar in Willow,” said Jay-Z in a statement. “This venture into film development and production is a perfect next step with teams that are accomplished, creative, and innovative.”

Via Billboard

Rocking the new hairdo he showed off last night during his Ustream annoucement, Wiz Khalifa made his late night television debut last night on Lopez Tonight. Check out Wiz performing his platinum single “Black & Yellow”.

Props to Yardie

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If you haven’t been following his tweets lately, Rick Ross has taken his Blowing Money Fast tour north to Canada. You can watch Rozay perform “MC Hammer” & his latest off the Ashes To Ashes mixtape, “9 Piece” at the Garrick Centre in Winnipeg.

Props to Rick Ross

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