May 2009


T.I. feat. Kanye West & B.o.B. “On Top Of The World”

From the upcoming Paper Trail re-release.

(Thanks to the NMC)

Mikey: Info gon kill me for this one, but don’t front you know it gotcha open

MissInfo: ok…I’m not mad mad at Mikey for posting this. I did see a major NFL player over the weekend, grinding on a waitress at a resort pool to this song, so there’s no denying its popularity. But am I the only one who thinks this kid looks like Montell Jordan?

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Props to the boy DJ Ness with the that placement and audio of the Drake show at SOBs on Tuesday.

Drake Live @ SOB’s DJNessNYC Part 1 of 4

Drake Live @ SOB’s DJNessNYC Part 2 of 4

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(Jay-Z in shades, with Lyor Cohen, Julie Greenwald, Kevin Liles, Michael Kyser, all from Atlantic Records. Also Estelle, T.I. and two people I don’t recognize in the back, left.)

The Daily News says:

“A well-placed industry source tells us that Jay… has been taking top-secret meetings with his old pals and former manager, Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles. Topics of the hush-hush conversations have included giving Jay his own record label at WMG, tentatively to be called the Carter Music Group...

Jay knows Lyor and Kevin from back when they all worked together at Def Jam, and he obviously wants to work something out with his friends,” says our insider. “He wants to get the dream team back together….”

Meanwhile, Billboard Magazine reports (thanks, Mariel!):

“Jay-Z is close to signing a deal that will bring his future recordings
to Sony, Billboard sources confirm.  The deal — which will link Jay-Z’s
Roc Nation releases with Sony’s Epic Records for distribution —  “is 95% complete” according to people familiar with the ongoing negotiations…

Speculation has intensified in the past week that a Sony deal is in the works. Sony CEO Howard Stringer and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation partner Jay Brown have been spotted meeting in Los Angeles and New York; Epic Records president Amanda Ghost is managed by Roc Nation and Brown; and Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce, is a Sony artist on the Columbia Records label.”

However, none of this will really have any effect on you, the listener. Blueprint 3 will still be available for public consumption, the songs will still play on the radio, and the artists under the Roc Nation umbrella, like Wale and Sauce Money, will still have the same opportunities.

My old pal Shaheem/MTV knows I love old R&B (however, he loves it even more…he’ll hitchhike cross-country to see any member of Guy in concert. Not mad at that, though). So, he knew I’d get a kick out of the fact that Rick Ross’ Triple-C member Masspike Miles was once in the Maurice Starr-driven boy band Perfect Gentlemen.

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Peep him (albeit fuzzy) at the 0:48 minute mark. The kid could sing! lol…..

(thanks to Godfree/GamertagRadio for the heads up)

hmmm. Lets hope the game isn’t as cheesy as the commercial. All my hip hop karaoke singers, car-commute-emcees, stand up. You’re cooler than that : )

I’m just gonna keep holding my breath for this, instead….

What Jew Know About That? from jeff on Vimeo.

I have two words for my friends Jeff and Eric.


Here’s what happened when a fan tried to throw money in Pitbull’s face at a show in Colorado….it was curtains.

And my favorite part of Pitbull’s explanation of the incident to Sha and Mixtape Daily was when he says:
“I told him, ‘Look, dog, you already got three strikes. Don’t make it rain no more. I’m telling you. I ain’t gonna talk about it no more, I’m just gonna be about it….”

love this song.
(“I’ll pull down a cloud for you…” appeals to the rare softie in me)

don’t love the hair styling…and the redundant imagery a la “scrubs” and “scream.”

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