March 2009

why did I think that Tip was going in today? I feel like everyone was saying that. But in reality, he had his sentencing this morning, and he was officially given 1 year and 1 day….which he won’t start serving until after May 19th.

The Associated Press reports:

A judge sentenced Rapper T.I. to one year and a day behind bars on federal weapons charges on Friday.

The 28-year-old rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris, entered court smiling as he greeted his lawyers and family members. He wore a dark gray suit and black dress shirt and tie for sentencing.

“Today I would like to say thank you to some, and apologize to all,” the rapper told U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. at the 1 and 1/2 hour session…

He will have between 30 and 60 days to report to prison. Harris already has completed about 1,000 hours of community service and has warned youths about the pitfalls of guns, drugs, violence. He will need to complete 470 additional hours.”

The more time to prep the better, sure…but I wonder if part of TI just wants to start and get it over with. Sounds like the judge is happy with the way TI’s “experimental” plea deal has worked out. Good thing too, the man has been working triple double overtime.

More detail from T.I.’s sentencing after the jump…

I like the old archival photos, wish they’d used them to better effect….but I love this song, even if it is a “Live your Life” feel-a-like….plus, I stay on the right side of Maino’s hand ‘o’ god : )
I keed….

(but…I think the “reporter” at the beginning of the video could have used a retake or 12. huh?)

Unrelated, related….Maino’s twitter game is hilarious…after the jump…

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(spotted on The Life Files)

probably true. the popculture memory is more mouse than elephant.

(sidenote: its always interesting to see how some folks have transitioned in this hip hop world….from being a road manager for Digital Underground….to ad-world mogul. and all that other um…activity…in between, lol. Not bad.

clearly that must be from one of those medicinal marijuana costcos they have in LA. yeesh.

EDIT: hmmm, the original from Nowwut disappeared…so I replaced it with the VladTV version. Thanks to FWMJ for the heads up.

Background: Cam’ron responds to the comments and peace offering made by¬† Jim Jones in this interview….

bonus Cam’ron speaks on his top 5 emcees and more after the jump…


Picture 3

ok when Legend sent this Onsmash post over, I was like…what the hell is this random song that claims to “feature Kanye West.” But once I listened….oh, of course. This is the drunk girl anthem in the clubs. (I’ve gone out 3 times in the past month, which may be a new record for me….so now is one of those rare instances when I actually know whats going on in the “screets.”)

Legend says DJ Class is a big B-more dj? Makes sense that ‘Ye would jump on this. Perfect fit. Loves it. Mindless “Night at the Roxbury” fun.

DJ Class “I’m the S–t” remix, featuring Kanye West

(unrelated, related: Wait! Thats my homie Yoon in the photo on the left! Was this flick taken in NYC? Damn…I missed her in town?)


(omg….for all the good ppl who gave me advice about resizing flickr photos on here the other day….Thank you so much. And the person who told me to just drag the corner in…genius! I feel like such a dork for not knowing that all this time.)

Anyways, its cold and rainy here in NYC, and I’m in a weird mood…so thankfully Legend sent over another one of those Onsmash Throwback Thursday revivals… I’m gonna add to that a fully-laced pinkberry coffee jumpoff….and just stay in the house and clean.

Dirty Harry – Fist Full Of Dollars mixtape (1996)
Full tracklist after the jump….


lol…love these, so funny.

Previously: Noreaga and Capone play “I Know Rap People”

Unrelated, related…I love Bun B…his wisdom is clear….see more after the jump….


lol @ the dramatic voiceover and “cliffhangers”


File under: mildly ironic bodyart, things I learned from twitter, things that you’ll regret later

According to BonnieFuller, this pic shows Rihanna’s latest gun tats. Obviously in the general context/timing of things, Rihanna’s new tattoos are a bit um….odd. But maybe they’re empowering to her. Also…if she wasn’t a popstar with a recent controversial domestic violence incident with her pop star boyfriend…then this tattoo would be pun-tastically hilarious. Like something Steve-O would do. (but he’d probably get them much bigger, and with something raunchy coming out as bullets).

RiRi has a knack for getting sexy tough-but-cute tattoos. But I wonder if they look bad when she puts her arms down…..

(spotted via Toure)

UPDATE: well, thank you to sharp-eyed readers like Nightfall, Reeg and more who pointed out that these were just stencils and that Rihanna ended up getting the real tat on her ribs under her arms…(like a realllly reeeally tiny shoulder holster?)….you can read about that on Smoking Section. Looks less cute/ironic/humorous there…more random.

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