February 2009

I’m glad to hear that this guy is healthy…Kriss Kross was the cat’s meow and it sounds like this guy is humble and grounded and cool.

But it was cringeworthy when he got razed by the internets for his hair game a few weeks ago….I just was wondering…um…nah, its not my place…..but, seriously….um….


DJ Whoo Kid and Hood Newz “Obama’s Happy Ending”

tracklisting after the jump (more…)

Its been a busy 2 days for the homie N.O.R.E. On Sunday he got arrested at FatBurger in Miami (is that part-owned by Pharrell?), with media outlets reporting that he ripped up flowers, flung “yellow liquid”, punched a guy in the face and said “Do you know who I am?” LOL.

Later, Nore sparred on his Twitter against gossip-maven Perez Hilton’s Twitter page…while we all watched. Possibly the most surreal moment in my Twitter-life thus far. It got heavy when the beef turned into a debate about homophobia. Nore is a really nice and jovial guy, he’s funny and a character, but I can see how gay fans would take exception to some things said in the twitter-beef. Then again, Perez gets mad disrespectful in his posts too.

Nore later talked about the whole incident…well both whole incidents with my girls Angela Yee and Leah Rose on LipService….
NORE on Lip Service 2-23-09
, and XXLMag.

And then released a video spoof too….

I’m still trying to figure out how Alchemist is involved….

UPDATE: Nore says….

“Nore and perez Hilton squash beef on big boys neighborhood new mixtape coming out by nore hosted by perez Hilton called purple wigs and og kush



The big homie Flex debuted this early tonite, but I know the NMC boys only respect CDQ Dirty versions, and I aim to please : )

Cam’ron “I Used To Get It In Ohio” (CDQ, Dirty Version)


Props to my consigliere Joey-i-e at Asylum, (Follow him on Twitter), we’d all be waiting around for the video debut this Friday on MTV2 if it wasnt for him.

Speaking of the video, Cam shot it in Ohio and Chicago, as is evident from all the full-length man minks and non-cop cop cars on display, lol. If you didnt already watch this, the hilarious dramatic prelude for the Ohio video is endless family fun. Now I guess all I need to do is put out that “Where’s Cam’ron, Part 3” : )

(previously: Where’s Cam’ron 1 and 2)

Put in some work yesterday, and caught up with Busta and Bow Wow. Both of these two have albums dropping at the end of March, Back on my B.S. from Busta on Mar 24th & New Jack City II by Bow Wow on Mar. 31st. I gotta say Busta is a character and doesn’t hold back on anything he feels strongly about. Check out the vids to hear what they had to say about the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation, Busta on 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross and, Lil’ Bow Wow, I mean Bow Wow on his “beef” with Souljah Boy.

(Shouts to the Foundation Mag fam and Big Ced)

(photo of Kanye and Amber at London Fashion Week, spotted at SandraRose. Speaking of Kanye in London, it seems that he had folks falling all over themselves to bow down to Martin Louie the King. Literally.)

Kanye West and T-Pain “Flight School” (CDQ, No Tags)

(props to Legend, and first props to NMC)

BONUS: Kanye West and The Dream “Walking on the Moon” (more NMC)

Some of the family are having a party this Weds at The Delancey, on the Lower East Side….if you’re around, please come through…good music, good peoples, possibly hotties? lol…(I have no idea what that means)
But seriously, it’ll be low key.

here’s the link to the event on facebook too…


Remember that Smoking Gun expose on Akon, which claimed that he was stretching the truth of his stolen car ring kingpin status? Akon speaks on it…

Totally a moot issue…..except for this one shining moment:

1:53 mark

“if I had to add up all the times I was locked up, it probably could easily qualify to add up to maybe 3 years.”


This Rick Ross birthday party happened last month, but Icedotcom sent over this video clip which reminded me that I heard Ross prepared goodie bags for his boat party guests. Not sure what else was in the bags, maybe body butter, its not important….the main thing were blocks of cash. Yeah, I’m trying to wrap my pea-sized brain around that too….plastic-wrapped bricks of cash. You catch a glimpse of them in the video. Apparently, Ross’ manager had a private bank prepare the crisp stacks and deliver them.

Insanity…..also insane is that for many of those guests, that block of bills was probably jut 2 days of weed money or a month’s parking ticket payment.

(can you believe this has nothing to do with Cam’ron, or Ross vs. 50?)

vimeo version after the jump…

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