February 2009

(RealtalkNY caught video and more photos here)

I gotta run to a coffee break…so I’ll save my thoughts on Juelz’s party for later today, plus more pics. But above is a lil vid clip and thank you to MadNews for sending over this link to their party post earrrly!


(Angie and I)

this is a hilarious peek into the real…..and any debate about 50’s vulnerability or lack there of….is priceless.

I’m sure I will be underdressed for this soiree tonite but at least I’ll be with friends who I can hide behind.

But I asked Juelz to send over a version of his invite without the address on it because I have to give him credit for a classy and adorable video invite…..guess this means that my default evites are corny now?


Kay Slay and Leo G debuted this record last night….here’s the CD quality, dirty version. Big Props to the homie Chonita Floyd, Asylum’s brand boss bia! : )

Cam’ron “Cookies and Apple Juice” (CDQ, Dirty)

(lol @ Cam’s perfect enunciation in the first verse)

This song sounds quite…um…southtastic, lol. But note the new female rapper Cam is grooming….I’m not sure what her official name is…but he called her the Birdlady.

PS: Please let me know if this ReverbNation widget works. I’m testing it out. Does it cut the song off? Does it slow down the page? I’m feeling like yes. I moved the Reverb widget to after the jump….


Listen to the streamed version HERE on AngieMartinezShow.Com

or download from here:

50 Cent on Angie Martinez 2-25-09 Part 1

50 Cent on Angie Martinez 2-25-09 Part 2

50 Cent on Angie Martinez 2-25-09 Part 3

(radio rip expeditiously provided by the homie Elliott of the soon come RapRadar.com, launching Mar9, the day before the born day of the kid ; )


(L to R: Angie Martinez, Joell Ortiz, Tahiry, Joe Budden and me)

thanks to JoeyTooFresh for sending over these cute pics from last night’s Joe Budden Padded Room release party at the New Era store in NYC. (smh @ my weird babyhair)….
Check out his flickr set for more photos of Royce da 5’9″ and more..

Now what I’m really looking forward to is the upcoming JoeBuddenTV footage of Angie, me and Tiff clowning Joe for having a secret album with a secret party with not even the slightest attempt at self-promotion : )

RELATED: Right-hand Mikey Fresh caught Joe for the video coverage of the party too (as well as footage from the KING 50th Issue party).


50 cent sat down with his boy Howard Stern this morning for a chat…and its always magical when they combine, lol…

50 Cent on the Howard Stern Show 5-25-09

Some quotables I posted on Twitter:

-Howard: We’re rooting for you 50. We’d like to see you get your own channel [on sirius] quite frankly. Eminem hasn’t shown up here in 10 yrs

-omg….Howard says that Flo Rida came in with strippers and made it rain cash…..the he had someone vacuum up the cash before he left. DEAD
-Howard: You’re never gonna commit to 1 woman… 50: You know how much it costs when you make that mistake?
-yo…50 talkin about hanging out with the “celebrities” like Jim Carrey Wesley Snipes, etc at Sundance….hilarity.

-Robyn: u ever hit a woman? Fif: No…’cept my son’s mom.I didnt punch her in the face, I had to shake her. O now nobdy knos what im saying?

-Fif “i’ve never had sex w/ a porn star….I’ve looked tho…its the diff btw suckin’ some, and the whole d.” (*EARMUFFS!*)

-Fif to Howard: I havent taken my shirt off in a while….I probably got a 4 pack right now

Big up to Tommy F for the speedy audio link, and this great play by play recap after the jump….

‘Ye’s VH1 Storytellers concert airs on Feb 28th at 9pm on VH1….I keep hearing the taping was incredible so I’m looking forward to it. Can’t imagine how it could top being at his GITD tour, but maybe there’ll be more from the early days.
(Thanks to NewBornRadio for the link)

Joe Budden, who is always a nice guy, was in the city last night celebrating the release of his much anticapated and blogged about sophomore album, Padded Room. Joe and some special guests (including wifey) took over the New Era flagship store for this low key event. (i.e. no sunglasses, retarded egos, or overzealous doormen)

King Magazine also had a reason to celebrate last night, and hosted their 50th issue release party in a private loft right off Canal Street. Unfortuntely, there were some sunglasses, retarded egos, and overzealous doormen in the building, but it was fun nevertheless. Peep the footage.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the taste spectrum….the homie JLaPuma from Complex pointed out this streetwear take on the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. (Because sometimes that’s where the best social editorial is these days…printed on a tee)
I love my streetwear peoples but Upper Playground…probably shouldnt have used this situation as a tool for being “in the now.” But if you’re gonna go there…go smarter.

photo of the tee after the jump…

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