December 2008

We’ve all been hearing about this song by Jadakiss, well The Finisher, Mr. Cee gave us a taste last night at the Nas show. AZ also joined Nasir for their classic, “Life’s a Bitch,” “Phonetap,” and more. Stay Tuned!

(Thanks to Juanyto)

UPDATE: Eskay posted video footage of Nas and AZ onstage, watch after the jump…

oh man, I know I’m gonna love this.

I was hazed into the Tunnel skull n bones society early, lol….wonder if I still have those classic backdrop pics…

(props to Choke No Joke again, def wanna see the full doc)

This news story is a bit convoluted but it sounds like a 2-year-old child was visiting Lil Boosie’s kids and was accidentally killed when her own father backed his car over her. Unreal.

Click here to watch the Louisiana local news report….

This isn’t saying that Lil Boosie was the father and his own daughter was the victim, is it?
On Christmas Eve too?


If Wayne is really trying to kick his codeine dependency then big up and best wishes. Its gonna be highly unpleasant and highly rewarding.

On a lighter note….getting a massage while eating seems awkward, no : )

I gotta get ready for Christmas family stuff. But I just couldn’t leave that inaccuracy out there. Also, I hear that I’m next to get a I-hate-you-birthday-cake. I guess opinions aren’t allowed with some folks. Well, they are always welcome here. I can respect your past without agreeing with your present. That is all for now.

Friends, enjoy your holiday, count your blessings, eat alot : )

this was uploaded 4 days ago…which means since then Joey has probably vlogged at least 23 more times about that exhilarating gas he passed on Sunday night, that unbelievable trip to the post office he made on Monday, and the enlightening moments waiting for the aforementioned JoeBuddenTV eps to upload to youtube.

Rap beef is rap beef….only acceptable when done well, and clever.

I’m not even watching the part about Joe’s girl b/c y’all already know how I feel about that tactic. Tacky. Plus, I was done @ “If you run with Joe Budden….you’re a, you’re a geek. You might as well whip out the pen protector, you’re a f-n nerd.”

Ok, well, you might want to find a friendly neighborhood nerd to wipe that grease off your man’s cameraphone lens.

I’m just sayin’.

(and I notice that while throwing Royce and Charles Hamilton (?) under the bus…the guy neglected to make mention of that other member of the Slaughterhouse team. Hi, Block Royal!)

Also in the final four: Jaz-O buys a cake, pays extra to have it decorated? Just to diss Jay-Z

And add this one in too: Katt Williams rapping about Rickey Smiley ugh!

ok, not for this mediocre song….but overall, this guy was endlessly awesome.

if you’ve been reading about this past year’s heartbreaking epidemic of violence in my old hometown Chicago, then you realize that this 2009 Chicago version of “Self-Destruction” is very timely and much needed. Too bad, as songs go, its…um….not very good.

featuring Syleena Johnson, KRS-One, Twista, Crucial Conflict, Phil G, Straw, Pugs, Kenny Bogus…

Are you really trying to tell me that you have Brad Pitt in this bia and you couldn’t find it in the budget for a special effects costume designer? This s–t looks like the face-painting stand at the Columbus Ave. street festival. And that animated cat is just a bloated MC Skat Kat! (post-“Opposites Attract” pre-NORE diet) Where is the Pixar faux-reality? This is insane.

color me “in disbelief”

UPDATE: PHEW! Its fake………wait….why am I feeling somewhat sad? Do I actually wish this would actually get made?

yes. yes I do.

color me “masochistic”

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