December 2008


It’s about that time, happy new year yall!


Lil kim new

Lil Kim is upset at the way that she is portrayed in the upcoming Biggie bio-pic, and feels like she should have had a larger role in the making of and storyline of the movie.

“I’ve had enough and I’m
about to expose them both… I’ve been quiet for a long time.” “I’m very disappointed in Faith… There’s nothing Faith or Ms. Wallace could do to stop me from reppin’ B.I.G. all day. I’m gonna always do that… It’s time for Ms. Wallace to be exposed.”

sigh. exposed? man, this sounds like its gonna be disrespectful : (

Seriously, this is dope. Too bad so many folks won’t get it.

Busta takes it back at Hot 97’s Holiday Bash. Props to Lowkey.

(Jim Jones, Juelz, Jeezy, T.I., and more after the jump.)


(Props to TheReal)

All this makes me sick sad irritated.


classic. classic. classy.

(after the “debacalu”)

This is a Christmas gift from Cee to me. Him and Grandmaster Flash in the Hot97 booth, talking about Biggie and playing the Biggie and DJ 50 Grand’s first 1991 basement demo…..
(all hail the Finisher)

(props to the homie DJ Juanyto for shooting)

Notorious BIG and DJ 50 Grand: “Microphone Murderer”

seriously, I miss Big.

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