September 2008

“Brooklyn Bullshit” from Executive Nick on Vimeo.

I’m not mad at his new found energy….me, if I dont have a strong cuppa joe by noon, I’m basically a vegetable. A vegetable with a bad headache. Speaking of which….its not easy to find a good coffee in Harlem. Starbucks tastes like burnt bark. I love the cafe con leche at the Spanish restaurants, but the condensed milk is a bit heavy for everyday. My favorite is the Stumptown coffee that my sister sends from Portland. Or the Illy espresso that I fell in love with (read: developed a heroin-like addiction to) during a trip to Italy. But when you just wanna walk a few blocks for your fix….its slim pickin’s.

(thanks to BoBo)

the folks over at Hiphopstan sent over this hazy footage of Rick Ross performing in Brooklyn last night and hearing the gunman-welcome….or was it a farewell? Either way, that was everyone’s signal to go home. Luckily, no injuries.

more video of his performance after the jump if you care


Big up to Gyant for catching a rare interview with the big homie Funkmaster Flex….he asks about Flex’s recent strong reaction to the R.Kelly BET interview….and buffoon Faizon Love’s subsequent self-injection into the matter.

Exclusive: Funkmaster Flex Speaks On R.Kelly from Gyant on Vimeo.

***please let me know if this vimeo slows down the whole page, I’m still a lil bit wary of vimeo.


In the previous post, we had some great footage of Q-tip’s ram-packed preview of  “The Renaissance,” at the Knitting Factory, thanks to Mikefresh

And as Tip ran through some of his classics, his old friends Busta Rhymes (along with Spliff Star and Tip’s cousin Consequence) jumped onstage to join in the fun.

Then Busta took a moment to address the day’s financial crash, the upcoming presidential election and…somehow tie it all in with the good ol’ riyal….or as he calls it “A-rab Money.”

And Busta also unveils his new “A-rab Money” Dance, which is a combo of “Da Plane” and something I think I’ve seen Fish n Chicks do. What is that shaker dance move? Is it an ATL thing? A Chris Brown thing?

Confession: I can’t pretend that I understand what Busta is saying here….I think we’re being urged to vote on Nov 4th. I think there’ll be a party if we do. And…I think we’re all supposed to get rich if and when Obama wins….by doing some type of business with Saudi Arabia. (but isn’t Obama’s plan to reduce our dependency on foreign oil?)**

*also thank you to Melissa Potter from Catalyst Media
**just keeding

Q-tip got busy Monday night at New York City’s Knitting Factory, treating an over-capacity crowd to some new tracks off his forthcoming album, Renaissance and course running through his and Tribe classics. With the big homie running late I had to step on a few Nikes to make my way to the front just in time to catch this explosion of energy. The Abstract and one of his buddys from the Leaders of the New School created quite a ruckus in downtown Manhattan… 6:48…


50 Cent “50 for President”

(Thanks to Money Nels)

(Thanks to Legend)

(Thanks to Legend)

in this video, he’s talking about how he got stabbed when he intervened on his sister’s behalf. I have nuff respect for him coming to his sister’s aid when she was being beat up by her ex-boyfriend….

but that’s really neither here nor there…because how can I pay attention to anything when Lil Scrappy’s insane choppers are in plain view. Is he wearing a mouthguard?  This man is a walking talking posterchild for BriteSmile if I ever saw one.

I think his teeth are fused together. And made of pep-o-mint.

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