June 2008

The ability to ultilize the english language this way is truly a thing to behold. (behear?) Nas dissects some of the absurdities of Fox News, The Post, Myspace, etc. aka NewsCorp’s various entities. Some of it is a bit alarmist, but anytime someone blasts Bill OReilly, I’m applauding. (catch22 is…its helps his horrible show by giving him content)

Nas “Sly Fox”

[audio:sly fox.mp3]


And lets recap when O’Reilly actually tried to denounce Nas for performing for free for the students at Virginia Tech. Seriously, I thought my head was gonna implode.


Nas and Busta Rhymes “Fried Chicken” prod by Mark Ronson…..best ode to food ever? (once again, Kyochon and Bon Chon stand up!)

Here is Jay-Z performing at the hilariously coincidentally named Hove Festival in Norway. But more importantly….Go DJ Neil Armstrong! Even though the cameraperson deems its more important to keep panning over the adoring crowd than focus in on the person is tearing ish up…Neil kills it.

Also, my big homie Tim Westwood will be broadcasting live this saturday from Jay-Z’s Glastonbury show. Will it be Boo-nnaroo with Accents? Stay Tuned! I love Tim’s sardonic humor. When I asked him about the worst case scenario, Westwood said that rappers have to worry more about getting “bottled” than booed when a UK crowd turns on him. “Last week at the Download festival Lethal Bizzle got bottles and rice pudding!”


Peep Tim’s epic new chat with Jay-Z

Part 1

Parts 2 and 3 after the jump


Thanks to Josh at QD3.com, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that you’re gonna accumulate alot of footage of random digression and pointless rambling, hopefully with moments of hilarity and insight sprinkled in. Lol, happy happy joy joy.

miss info
(ok, so this photo and the throwback mixtape below have absolutely nothing to do with each other…except that they’re both vintage.  Shout to Mic Tra aka M3 for reminding me of my first dirtbike…aww, sniffle. Lol@my mean mug and my Ego Trip nickname.)

On to the music….as Legend put so nicely…

Throwback Thursdays is back in full effect for the second week in a row to feed you that classic ish you forgot about. That stuff that brings back memories and makes you relive the good times. This week we’re bringing you some Doo Wop & Tony Touch Starring As The Diaz Brothers (by request). This is the first official Tony Toca & Doo Wop collabo which was set off in 1997 and started a whole slew of classic mixtapes between the pair. It features everyone from the likes of Jay-Z, Money Boss Players, Camron, AZ, Rakim, Mobb Deep and the Phone Tap/4 3 2 1 Intros that made this tape so timeless. Stay tuned for next week as OnSMASH & MissInfo dig in the crates again to bring you back to part of the era that started the culture we live in today.”

Doo Wop & Tony Touch – Starring As The Diaz Brothers

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Wow Jay, this is friggin’ awesome. The IllDoctrine mashup of Will-I-Am’s Ode to Obama, and the late George Carlin’s seminal “Seven Words You Can’t Say On Television” routine.

I like the discussion on Sears….”I dont care who’s sitting on Mt. Olympus, watching the fight” lol….and Slay’s big up to Aaron Hall, lol.

(but what I’m really waiting for is for Slay to have a certain big guy on the show to speak about this, lol)

hip hop honors 2007 crop

Common feat. Pharell “Announcement” (is that really P? his voice sounds different)

thanks to Legend and Mr. Xsclusives….I like “Universal Mind Control” better.

Hahaha, Consequence kills me with his frenetic ConsTV vids. (hold your hand steady!) I love the fact that he caught this great moment from the Glow in the Dark tourstop when Chris Brown came onstage at Madison Sq.Garden for the first time ever and performed “Cinderella/Umbrella” with his boo boo.

Now the reality is….he coulda come out every night. Because…um…I hear he was tagging along for most of the whole tour, playing bball backstage while Rihanna was busy, lol. (cute)

And you get all the insight and fun commentary from Cons’ VIP peanut gallery: Talib Kweli, GLC, Kanye’s manager Don C, and Cons himself.

Favorite part is when Don does his interpretation of Chris Brown’s cameo:

“I’m gon’ be on your tour…and I’m not gonna ever leave…cuz I luuuve you, yeaaaah”

cool sidenote, Wale’s cousin is Gbenga Akkinagbe aka Chris Partlow from the Wire aka one of my favorite actors on that series

(maxwell killed that al green tribute)

Thanks to everyone who hung out with me and snarked along while the BET Awards were on. This was kind of fun, lol. The post is waay too long, so here’s the end summary:

-In Sum:

Highlights= Neyo and Jabbawockeez segment, Kanye’s cameo with Jeezy, Lil Kim’s hips, Alicia Keys’ whole tribute to the girlgroups with SWV, EnVogue, T(L)C. , Maxwell’s tribute to Al Green, Al Green’s tribute to Al Green, Chris Brown and Ciara’s dance routine, Quincy Jones’ speech, Rick Ross’ single status intact

Lowlights: “Man Down,” Rihanna, the afterparty, Jeezy’s weezing, Nelly’s set, the skirt portion of Ashanti’s dress, Tpain’s 4 watches, Usher’s hips, Diddy’s endless shilling, Neyo’s ladyfriend’s morning after makeup, Rick Ross belly unwrapped, Alicia’s spanx

Some of my favorite reader comments:

# bklynrep Says:
June 24th, 2008 at 10:41 pm e
this lady [ref to BET head Deborah Lee] is way too old to have her titties jangling like that…

#  el kasto Says:
June 24th, 2008 at 10:57 pm e
ooo…nelly and slo slo death lol…i smell a faaaavvooorrrr

#  just say Cee Says:
June 24th, 2008 at 11:04 pm e
A. Keys rocks Spanx!!!

#  Yanaja Says:
June 24th, 2008 at 11:29 pm e
Ok, I’m done for the night…gotdamned Alesha Renee said T-Pain’s performance was “a very banana performance”
We HAVE to do better smh

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