June 2008

mos def

Wow, that’s a big moment for Jay Electronica.

My pal FWMJ sent over this audio of Mos Def performing the second part of “Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (the Pledge)” during his JVC Jazz Festival show with Gil Scott-Heron. The orchestra follows with a bit of the “Eternal Sunshine” movie soundtrack. Wow.

Its a bit echo-y in the legendary music hall, but you can see how hip hop lyrical works will be re-performed and analyzed for centuries to come : )

 Mos Def performing Jay Electronica’s “Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (the Pledge)”

*oops, I fixed the link…no longer are the rap intelligensia offended by TI’s “louis rag” hhahahaa!*

Go to Okayplayer for more of details and Terrence Jennings’ photos  from Mos Def’s show.

mos def show

I’m curious to hear what Jay’s reaction to that moment was. Perhaps we’ll hear it in song.


“Where my hammers and nails at?”

lol, I dont care if Fanny is a lil’ ruff around the edges, she has personality and an amazing voice. And she’s the only American Idol contestant that I actually texted a vote in for, lol.

The boys at BestofBothOffices sent over the link for this new song that sounds like it’s decades old, and I like.

Fantasia “Broke” (produced by Midi Mafia)

Above is a photo from SandraRose of Fantasia and her man Young Dro from her recent bday party in Atlanta. Click here for more pics.

here’s parts 1-9, great show. I’m moving on now.

what difference does it make if Amy Winehouse called Kanye the c-word? Her insult made no sense, and was totally baseless, and ineffective because……um, hello? She’s out of mind on crack/crank/coke/drank/dust/dope who knows what else. Do you get offended when the mentally-ill bum on the corner curses out the fire hydrant?

The real issue is….what is the true motivation for booking a woman (who should be in a in-patient rehab) who performs like this…..

Amy Winehouse stumbles through Glastonbury

The Real updates on the remains of the Roc…..but what I want is a postscript on Christion, Rell, Diamonds in the Ruff, GedaK, and Aztec.

UPDATE: Marvin Abello sent over the a link to the old Jay-Z freestyle session from my big homie Funk Flex’s show. Good times.

Jay-Z freestyle on Flex “Takeover”

my fellow Korean in the game, marketing honcho Mark of the Electric Army, scored pics and footage from the new Re Up Gang* video for “Fast Life” off the upcoming Till the Casket Drops album. Directed by Dale “Rage” Resteghini, who did vids for Gym Class Heroes and Byrd Gang.

*I had called it a Clipse song, but it seems that Re Up Gang is more accurate. What’s the difference between the two?

clipse video 1

The Clipse “Fast Life”

More photos after the jump, and the video link.

Things were very interesting.

But I gotta go run off to brunch with the pals (yum! Filipino food!)

So I’ll just leave you with this…


Yo, I love this….that after all the bitching and moaning that Noel Gallagher from Oasis did about how hip hop has no place at the huge UK music festival…Jay-Z didnt just tighten up on some, cough-up-a-lung-Marcy-son machismo…..he rose to the occasion with the best 1-2 punch of all….humility….followed by devilish humor.

The humility was in the interview segments that Hov did before the show. Talking about how he understood the resistance but that this was a big moment for hip hop’s progression. Word and word.

The “pisser” was this…

For those who never listen to any Oasis, Jay is singing*** their hit “Wonderwall,” which Hov opens with the awesomely appropriate line “I dont believe that anybody feels that way I do about you now.” Zing!

(***um, I’m using that term loosely, lol, he sounds like me singing Tevin Campbell at a norebang (korean karaoke) after a couple forced shots of Crown (yuck).

And prior to the Glastonbury show there were some laughs at at another interview show…after the jump

just like he said to Tim Westwood, he has been def upping his stage game. I remember this show with him and Dame at maybe the Beacon waaay back in the day? blech! This is tons better.

(thanks to Splash for sending)

; )


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