May 2008

thank you to Splash for sending over the link to this Jay-Z interview on the O2 Wireless Concert site. I’m not interested in tracking every time this man’s every move, but I enjoyed this interview because it felt somewhat sincere….and posturing-lite. And Hov handles this very ugly Glastonbury business with the utmost class, given that he’s been hit with an ignorant bigotry that I’m guessing a guy like him hasn’t had to deal with in…at least…8 years or more. Its also funny to hear Hov describe the unique experience of the Japanese audience. But I’m hoping that one day, some intrepid reporter will ask the tough question that I’m really dying to know the answer to….what is the symbolism of the scarves? Decipher the scarves!

click more for more scarves…


About a month ago…maybe more, I had to talk to Jim Jones about some rap mischief, and got a chance to listen to some of his already completed solo album. When I left, I was confused….why did the songs sound….so good? lol, of course I’m being facetious…but I’m not the only one who was surprised to be impressed by Jim’s new chunes. Knowing that Jim didn’t even start out with artist aspirations, he’s come pretty far on style and swagger. I liked this song with Jim and Juelz together and another one featuring Luda. Unfortunately, I have a memory like a sieve so I gotta ask about the names of these tracks. Thanks to Splash and Legend, here is a new song from Jimmy called “Good S–t.” I think its the single off his solo album, not the Byrd Gang album, but I hear N.o.e on the hook.

Jim Jones “Good S–t”


Here is the dirty version of the song, thanks to Chris.

[audio:GOOD SHIT dirty.mp3]

No, this is not rap-related, but its amazing…..I’m not really familiar with Weezer (I do like that song of theirs on Rock Band, though, lol) but maybe I’ll give them a closer listen after this….

I can’t even really name all the amazing references in this video….but for many of them, Weezer got the authentic self-made stars themselves.

Just off first glance, I notice…Tay Zonday, Chris Crocker, the dancing fat kid, the banana from “Peanut Butter Jelly,” the star wars kid, that amazing Miss Teen South Carolina brainiac,….and what else?

***love that line about getting a beat from Timbaland, lol. So true.

Click more for a partial list of the youtube references….


Well….back to the grind, folks. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. (and lest we forget, nuff respect to those who have lost loved ones in the armed forces)

I just approved the comments that I missed over the weekend, and I’m loving all of the book recommendations in the previous post! I totally agree about Watchmen…amazing. And have y’all read Maus? really good. So I finished that Michael Crichton “Next” and it was perfect beach read. Just technical enough to be interesting, but still action-packed fast food. Does kind of make you wonder about all the genetic engineering that will happen in the future.

Anyhoo….I’ll reply to the book recs in the previous post…..for those who care about random unimportant rap beef. TI dismissed Shawty Lo’s yearbook-hunt to Sway.

Meanwhile….My boy Joie Manda announced on his blog (?!? Joie, I didnt know you had a blog! HA! Sign me up! But will there be tales from the Mexican spirit hut?) that he had mediated a tenuous truce between the two ATL-iens.

“Shawty LO & TIP have squashed that beef. I saw TIP yesterday and I spoke with Shawty Lo. It’s officialy over. See y’all in the A this summer. (When I’m not lampin in the Hamptons, weekends man…you know the rest)”***

And meanwhile, Shane from Smack sent this footage from Shawty’s “Foolish” video.

So is the volley of words (without consequences) over? Ehh…..I doubt it. One of them will drop a subliminal in a verse or something sometime after they see each other in a club or at that concert they’re both appearing on, and someone gives someone else the side eye, or someone in someone’s crew laughs too loudly at a totally unrelated joke and the other side misconstrues the laughter at being at their expense……the possibilities are endless. But this was already one of the most boring beefs of all time, so why not keep it consistent. Consistently….tepid.

***eww, south hampton. I pref Montauk. More handmade fudge, less manmade a–wipes.

Thank you QD3 for making my Friday. I was supposed to be SPF-ed out, nose deep in a trashy paperback (confession: when I vaca, all wanna do is play PSP and read farfetched sci-fi like Dune and tweeny hits like Golden Compass. Speaking of which, does anyone have any suggestions for good books like that? I’ve already read all the Harry Potters, and Kurt Vonnegut classics. I just bought Next by the Jurassic Park guy, and some Neil Gaiman book). Anyways, back to the point….my flight got screwed so, we were not a happy camper.

But these hilarious voice-over spoofs always make me laugh…. The Kanye and Twista one is still my all-time favorite. There was also a funny DMX one. And now a new installment….Method Man.

(big up to Legend from Onsmash for the link)

This documentary is being produced by Dash Films and, according to Dame, its being directed by Mark Levin himself (the director of Slam, Mr. Untouchable, etc). Not shabby. Well, for better or for worse, Jimmy has always been a self-contained human movie, so I’m interested to see if he allows the good the bad and the ugly into his bio-doc. Full disclosure: I’ve been asked to share some of my vintage Dipset anecdotes for the flick, so I’ve been consuming my gingko-biloba to offset my notoriously bad memory.


fans who felt disillusioned by Nas’ pragmatic decision to unname his album “N—-r,” can look forward to Nas’ taking the politically incorrect, unsubtle approach with his upcoming “Be a N—-r Too” video. Rik Cordero and Nas shot the video last week in LA (and some parts here in NY) and the concept will be very familiar to movie buffs. I can’t give away any more, but I’ll say that there will be some celebrity cameos. And not the usual “hey, these are random rappers that I don’t know that well but who will show up when I shoot a video and pretend to party with me in this rented space with the rest of my casted modeltypes” cameos.

There will be more preview posters tomorrow, but this one is especially striking, and horrifying, and powerful. Next week, there will be an exclusive viewing of the video. I definitely look forward to it.

(thanks to rik and steve)

Seriously, its just one of things that you need to do. Like skydiving or dirtbiking or streetfood in a bustling Asian country. Its kind of scary, you may have second thoughts, but you’ll love it and feel more alive afterwards.

So next weekend, if you’re in the area, go check out my boy Bobby Konders, Jabba and Massive B at their anniversary party. It’s at Club Djumbala in Brooklyn. (if the name of the club isn’t familar, I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that maybe the venue has been reinvented a few times, like many of brooklyn’s hotter spots. Nothing a lil bleach and a name change can’t fix! Lol)

For a peek at what fun is in store….one of my producers DJ Juanito sent over this unearthed footage of Bobby actually dancing with a big gal, Ele-style….instant classic!

Click more to see the official flyer for the Massive B event!


dang, I missed it the festivities at SOBs last night. But I hear all the cool kids were there…wait…not those cool kids…just folks who are cool…ugh, you know what I mean. Just Blaze spun, and Travis from Gym Class guested, as did Phonte and other folks that I probably wouldnt recognize by face but I’ve liked on occasion, musically : ) (props to Dan for the invite)
Of course, the hardest working Korean in rap mags (he better return the props with some appropriate superlatives, lol) Mikey Fresh shot some seriously jumpy video of the Kidz, and a Wyclef presser and Estelle’s perf at Spotlight Live… and he uploaded it in good time.(Unlike me….I’m in such desperate need of a really good asst, I’ve had a Beanie Sigel interview sitting on a hard drive for 4 months.)

Anyhoo…here’s The Kidz and Travis performing onstage…

click more for videos of Estelle etc.


We’ve all seen this year-old video of Rosci talking to Chicago radio jock Kendra G….(why did it leak now?)

Well, 50 called up a radio station and responded to Rosci’s comments….

[audio:50 cent rosci.mp3]

I dont agree with Rosci’s assessment of 50 Cent. But lets say Rosci did actually think that 50 Cent as an artist/celeb/businessman was garbage. She is completely entitled to that opinion. Now do I believe that she’s expressing that opinion in this clip. No. It seems like there’s something personal here. And honestly, she’s entitled to that too. We don’t all like each other, and honestly, I wish folks were more honest about their popular/unpopular/rational/plumcrazy opinions in this industry. All that bubblegum popstar-I love everything-front makes me wanna pull my hair out.

But that being said, Rosci had to know that 50 would eventually see this and have his own unpopular opinion of BET’s popular veejay. And predictably, 50’s response involves snarky allusions to Rosci’s sexual past. He’s good at that…

But what does her past have to do with the price of paint? (Even if allegedly 50’s own DJ is one of the guys who thinks its cool to brag about their conquests.) Well, it doesn’t matter because that tactic always gets the win. And that’s what I have a problem with.

I wonder if 50 would have mentioned these alleged lovers if Rosci had said….”I listened to 50’s album and I hated it. There was no creativity in the lyrics, the beats were boring and yadda yadda yadda….but that’s just my opinion.” Maybe he would have decimated her with a critique of her work, instead of calling her a “pop.” But since Rosci wasn’t really playing fair with her rant, then I guess you can’t expect 50 to play fair either.

So, what I want to know is, whats the connection between Rosci’s dislike and 50’s alleged insight into her past?

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