April 2008

now this is actual talent.

(props to Omar for sending this over)

thanks to the homies at whatspoppin for the link. Who’s this Dominique that Juelz Santana stole from Yung Berg? Lol. Sounds about right.

On a sidenote….”be a father to your son” Ed O.G…..ha!


Smacktube send over this link. I think Lil Wayne and 50 have settled their differences so I wonder if Weezy specified that he wanted no part in the 50-Joe beef?

Another thing….is this a videoshoot? I can’t quite tell. It looks almost like a listening party. But then there’s these chicks in their Wednesday drawers. I’m confused. And is Kar the new name of Terror Squad or just a separate group? What I do know is that those girls sound like pure poultry. Just watching them talk gives me arthritis.

joellortiz 032

In my opinion, this response is superior lyrically and content-wise. Same anger and discontent…just more nuanced.

Joell Ortiz “50 Shots (Stream of Consciousness)”

[audio:joell ortiz 50 shots.mp3]

technically, the original 911 is a Joke was a criticism of EMS response to inner city emergencies, right? Here its more representative of law enforcement….
For the record, I do not condone any cop-killing sentiments. I think there are problems in the law enforcement system, and problems within the judicial system that’s supposed to deal with these cases. I think there are definitely bad cops. But there are also good ones who respect their oath to the communities they’re supposed to protect and serve. And I think that blanket statements are counter-productive. But then again, this song is in the spirit of NWA and Ice-T who used extremes statements to communicate extreme emotions. So I can respect that.

The Game, “911 Is a Joke (Cop Killa)”

[audio:911 is a joke (Cop Killa).mp3]

UPDATE: props to Uptown’s Baddest and ClipsandKisses for sending over this photos from Game’s “911 is a Joke” videoshoot. Dang, that was fast.



Here are some behind the scenes photos taken from the set of Notorious. On this shooting day, my Hot97 compadre DJ Enuff helped recreate the moment back in 1995 when he, Biggie, and Puff performed at the Georgia Dome. According to E, around that time, Pac was staging a full-on verbal assault on his former friend and the entire Bad Boy movement on radio and in print. Biggie had reached his breaking point, and on that night, against Puffy’s wishes, he performed “Who Shot Ya” for the first time ever. I heard that Enuff got some interview footage while he was on set, so I’m gonna hunt him down for that, lol….but for now, here’s some pics from a secret squirrel : )

IMG_0222 Here’s Gravy as Big, Enuff, and Derek Luke as Puff Daddy.

IMG_0218 Clockwise from top center: Derek Luke (Puff), Money L from Junior Mafia playing himself, Marc John Jeffries as Lil Cease [note: remember that kid from those computer commercials? or was it car insurance?], Nino from Junior Mafia [note: from what I hear, only Money L and Nino agreed to play themselves out of JM], and the Heavyhitter Enuff

IMG_0228 More of the same cast, but also including choreographer Tanisha Scott and D-Dot Angeletti of the original Hitmen. [sidenote: Naturi Naughton, who plays Lil Kim was also on set. Lil Kim allegedly wanted Christina Millian [sign of body dysmorphic disorder] to play her, but I hear Naturi is doing a good job.]

IMG_0231DJ Enuff with Lil Cease [note: Cease was on set helping to coach Marc John Jeffries. I’m glad to see that despite the recent ugliness between members of Junior Mafia, Biggie’s family has still called in the real players to help with the biopic.]

My old friends were promoting tonites episode of Miss Rap Supreme in diverse ways over the weekend….

Sacha Jenkins and Jeff Mao were guests on Real Late with Pete Rosenberg over at our shared plantation. Download the audio of the guys chewing the fat here and here.

Meanwhile Elliot Wilson starred as himself in the latest skit from The Real…

If you remember a while back when the homie Tim Westwood did his big Xmas show in New York City…..we talked about the happenings here, and you heard the audio here….well LL Cool J and Jim Jones revealed that they had recorded a song called Five Boroughs (you can watch the video below). And four months later, the song has finally leaked. From what I understand, LL’s project is back on schedule, but he wanted to wait until el presidente had left before moving forward. Makes sense given their recent history.

Here’s the song (thanks to Marv).

[audio:ll cool j 5 boro.mp3]

You can read all the particulars on this non-event here, here and here.

But here’s the only two parts of the story that I find entertaining…

Hov’s freestyle….


And Deshawn Stevenson’s taunt…(courtesy of omar)…..

Filling in for Lisa Evers on Street Soldiers, Hot97. 9-10pm. Please tune in if you’re available.

UPDATE: thanks to any of you guy who listened in. I think that it was a little dry, there are so many parts of this case** that I would have loved to discuss in depth. But I was kind of nervous so I didn’t follow my overambitious outline like I should have or mix it up which would have been more juicy I guess. But I appreciate the opportunity from Lisa and my boss, and definitely appreciate the encouragement from you guys, lol….and I appreciate Mark Claxton from 100BlacksinLawEnforcement and attorney Jason Foy for joining me.


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