March 2008

remyma-makeda #1

(remy ma on left, makeda barnes joseph on the right)

A jury has been deliberating as to whether Remy Ma shot her former friend Makeda Barnes Joseph by accident or on purpose last March, and now..

TMZ reports:

“The verdict just came down in the Remy Ma trial, and the rapper has been convicted on four major charges — two counts of first-degree assault, attempted coercion, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Remy was not found guilty of gang assault and witness tampering, among the nine total charges she faced. We’re told the victim’s friends and family taunted Remy when the verdicts were read — full pandemonium in the courtroom.

Remy could face up from five to 25 years in prison at sentencing.”

Sad…..what a waste a split second decision can make.

I’m glad Jay Smooth was able to distill the essence of why this LA Times Tupac/Biggie reporting disaster (can someone make up a clever name for this whole thing, by the way) is so harmful….its like adding food coloring to muddy water. (We want to get to the bottom of it, but it’s already murky, so get your damn irresponsible forged document Red #03 out of there!)

Anyways, here’s the video….

My lifelong pen-pals, the Ego Trip crew are premiering their new VH1 show “Miss Rap Supreme,” on April 14th (hosted by MC Serch and Yo Yo). So don’t miss it! For more details, hit the show’s myspace.

How long before contestant Khia (of “My Neck My Back” fame) ends up with a handful of bloody hair follicles (or synthetic tracks) in her grip, lol.

Sounds like the other shoe is about to drop…..and it sounds like one of those expensive shoes that lawyers wear (maybe Bruno Magli?)

Jimmy Henchmen says:

“I have always maintained over the past 14 years that I had no knowledge or involvement in the assault on Tupac in 1994. I have been targeted by L.A Times writer Chuck Phillips and dishonest government informants in an effort to ruin my name in an industry that I’ve devoted 16 years of my life to. In this peaceful time in Hip Hop, the L.A. Times’ false accusations are as serious as when J. Edgar Hoover deliberately sent false hate letters to chapters of the Black Panther Party to create mistrust, violence and mayhem amongst them. Chuck Phillips irresponsibly did the same thing by creating a potentially violent climate in the Hip Hop community. Because the truth has come out, I am finally hopeful that I can move forward in my service to the music industry.”

Jeffrey Lichtmen, Jimmy Henchmen’s lawyer:

“I wrote a letter late last year to Chuck Phillps and his editors at the L.A. Times in which I warned them that their information was wildly wrong about Mr. Rosemond’s purported involvement in the 1994 shooting of Tupac; in my letter I warned them that if they persisted in publishing the story they would be sued for libel. Because the L.A. Times was more interested in selling newspapers than reporting the truth, James Rosemond has been tragically libeled. Any first year lawyer could see that the FBI 302 reports which formed the basis of the Times’ story were fabricated – and yet the Times went ahead with the story anyway. I would suggest to Mr. Phillips and his editors that they immediately print an apology and take out their checkbooks – or brace themselves for an epic lawsuit.”

wow….I’m still trying to digest this whole thing. So until I get the time to dissect it fully….

Basically, now I know why The Smoking Gun has been just posting tired-ass mug shots recently. They’ve been busy in the backroom, doing some hard-core investigative reporting on the hip hop’s most contentious investigative reporter.

According to TSG, Chuck Phillips’ LA Times piece last week, alleging that Biggie and Puff knew that Tupac was being set up for robbery at Quad Studio in 1994 and did nothing to stop it…as well as the allegation that Jimmy Rosemond was key in setting up that attack….are all based on forged FBI documents by a career con man.

“James Sabatino, 31, has long sought to insinuate himself, after the fact, in a series of important hip-hop events, from Shakur’s shooting to the murder of The Notorious B.I.G.. In fact, however, Sabatino was little more than a rap devotee, a wildly impulsive, overweight white kid from Florida whose own father once described him in a letter to a federal judge as “a disturbed young man who needed attention like a drug.””


This glorified rap groupie created these fake FBI documents to back up a ridiculous civil lawsuit against Diddy last year…(I remember thinking this sounded insane)…

“In that civil case, Sabatino is suing Combs for $16 million over an alleged soured business deal from nearly a decade ago. According to Sabatino’s complaint, which he prepared and filed himself from the Allenwood federal penitentiary in White Deer, Pennsylvania, Combs stiffed him on a $175,000 payment for audio and video recordings Sabatino made in 1994 of The Notorious B.I.G. (real name: Christopher Wallace).”

To their credit, The Smoking Gun has meticulously dismantled Sabatino’s civil case against Puff, and detailed all the signs of forgery on these FBI documents. You can read it all in their post, and I’ll pick my highlights later. But this was definitely one:

“A comparison of the [FBI documents] and Sabatino’s own court filings shows that the authors of each set of documents share remarkably similar spelling deficiencies. For instance, the word “making” appears as “makeing” in both the “302s” and Sabatino’s pro se court pleadings. Similarly, the authors also have difficulty with the word “during.” It appears as “durring” in both sets of documents.

While a federal judge once referred to Sabatino as “articulate” and “an extraordinarily intelligent man,” spelling and grammar are not strong suits for the ninth-grade dropout. And typewriters, of course, do not offer spell check.”

At the end of the day, Sabatino is Sabatino, a career loser with delusions of mid-90’s rap/hustler grandeur……but its the LA Times and Chuck Phillips that get the ultimate ducksick.

“[Sabatino’s] scenario, though preposterous on its face, was unblinkingly reported by the Times, which cited the FBI “302s” and sources who supported the account provided by the bureau’s unnamed confidential source. And while the Times story noted that Sabatino “declined to comment,” there can be little doubt that he was one of the unnamed sources confirming details found in the “302” reports (a nifty parlor trick by the maypole around which the Quad Studios story rotates).

But the most curious part of the Times story, however, involves the paper’s reporting that it had learned the identity of the confidential source quoted in the “302s” and “verified that he was at the Quad on the night of the assault.” The report continued, “When contacted, the man said the FBI records accurately convey what happened, and what he told investigators.” The source, the Times added, spoke on the condition of anonymity.”

Basically, that makes them this….


the week before last on Lost (aka the only thing that gets me thru the week), Jin’s revelation about the karmic power of action enables him to forgive his wife Sun for creeping…..

which is kind of what I thought about, when I heard that, just months after suffering a debilitating stroke, Nate Dogg has pled guilty to the aggravated trespassing and battery charges he got back in 2006 after he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house, ran up on her, her new man, and her mom, and then punched the new man in the face. Luckily, he didn’t get any jailtime….Nate has been “sentenced to three years informal probation, must complete a domestic violence/batterers treatment program and can not own a weapon for 10 years.” (source)

In other news….Lisa Evers hit me tonite to tell me that Cavlar, aspiring rapper and producer of the “Step Your Game Up” dvds, was shot and killed in Fort Greene. Rest in peace. UPDATE: here’s the Daily News report on Cavlar.

I am actually speechless….

Fresh at Crunktastical posted this video of “model” Buffy the Body and her boyfriend Gucci Mane cruising and chowing….and there are so many gems here I don’t know where to start.

I thought at first that the highlight had to be Buffy trying to school her man on the finer points of spa etiquette, while Gucci defends his need for modesty. (Seriously…What language are they speaking? Molasses?!?)

But then there’s the touching scene where Gucci cops a pair of rims for his bottom girl. (nothing says I love you like a set of wheels)

Now I was a little confused by the mean-spirited running commentary throughout the video….its seems like this footage was stolen from Buffy’s upcoming “reality” series, and then re-fashioned into a dis-video by some anti-Gucci Man contingent (or perhaps an angry baby mama?).

But nothing beats Gucci Mane’s defiant shirtlessness. At the rim shop, shirtless. And at the fine dining establishment where he and Buffy sprinkle some pig intestines on their hot sauce…..shirtless. Suck in that gut? Never! ….Gucci Mane “is a rebel to America.”

You’re so not ready for this….I know I wasn’t.

Game performed “Big Dreams” and more this past saturday at LA’s “Hot Import Nights” amidst the kitted out Civics and Lancers, and of course the Tropicana-tan Asian girls in faux-fur bikinis.


(I love talent shows….)

I’m hosting the “Asian American Idol” event tomorrow for the Coalition for Asian Children and Families. Basically, its just an excuse for living room divas and “Rock Band” crooners to get bent and belt out some tunes for charity : ) There’s a $300 prize, and a $20 donation fee. So if you’re interested: Tuesday, 7pm, Lush Lounge, 13th and University, NYC.

“A roadside bomb killed four U.S. soldiers in Baghdad on Sunday, the military said, pushing the overall American death toll in the five-year war to at least 4,000. The grim milestone came on a day when at least 61 people were killed across the country.” -New York Times

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