January 2008

50 proof 2

So we’ve heard some new 50 Cent and G-unit leaks over the past week….There was today’s “Paperchasers” song (props to Youheardthatnew), and earlier this week there was the Fat Joe diss-song “I’m Leaving” and 50’s American Idol audition “Bottom Girl.” (lol, I keeeed, I keeed….in fact, Ryan Leslie uses a synth to help his vocals, but I think 50 is actually straight singing that hook.)

Now what is all these new music about? On Monday morning, 50 is dropping a new G-unit mixtape, called “Return of the Bodysnatchers“…..and he’s giving it away for free. You’ll be able to download the entire thing on Thisis50.com . The regular hard copy will be released the following week, along with a DVD of last summer’s “5-Borough” tour.

More than any other “mainstream marquee” artist, 50 seems to be using the web as his new home. And I keep hearing rumors that his entire staff no longer work for G-unit Records. They work for Thisis50.com.

Its like he’s not even signed to Interscope or something. Hmmm……

But one last thing…..who’s missing from this mixtape cover?

More on that soon ; )


[audio:50 paper chaser.mp3]

“I’m Leaving”
[audio:01 I am Leaving_Dirty.mp3]

“Bottom Girl” (“Diamond Girl” remix)

juelz and lindsay
(^ still one of my favorite hip hop moments ever)

In an interview with MTV News, the homie Juelz Santana shows love to both factions of his Diplomats family….

I feel like the whole Jim and Cam situation kinda got blown out of proportion. People found out they weren’t speaking and they thought it was more than what it was. And it was just that. Me? Like I said, the reason you never heard nothing from me [is] because I love Cam, I love Jim Jones.

but then the article drops a little headcrack….

It’s worth noting, though, that Juelz hasn’t spoken to Cam in a few months, he said.

Yikes. Stop the car.

So….how exactly is this Diplomatic Immunity 3 going to work again? First ever mental telepathy collabo?


Wow, Nile from YouHeardthatNew just hit me with the illiotic leak…..

[audio:02 aint i.mp3]

EDIT: according to MTV News, a Def Jam rep told my boy Shaheem that this ish is old. Phooey. I’m over it.

Another “Inside the Rapper’s Studio with Miss Info“* featuring the jovial and always interesting Joell Ortiz.

Directed by Rik Cordero/Three21Media.

Joell clears any confusion about his release from Aftermath Records, he addresses rumors that he was dropped, the Bishop Lamont comments, and his next move….

Joell also told me that he is still on great terms with Dre, and has already started writing for Dre on the Detox album…..The video version of that part of the interview will be up soon.

(*uh, we were not in an actual studio. In fact, this series has yet to shoot in a single studio. Seedy Staten Island motels on the other hand? Yes.)

Honestly, I can’t stand the original version of this song. Something about it, not sure. Reminds me of a Lucille Roberts commercial. (Maybe I’m just scarred by all that Mary J “Buy me a chevrolet. Buy me a chevrolet” singing nonsense) That’s why it took me a day to listen to this remix that Youheardthatnew sent over.

But he’s right, this is fun fire. The cheese factor is gone, and Lil Wayne for all his manic dramatics, rips over the Chubb Rock beat. The streetwear set will undoubtedly be jumping for joy in their day-glo kicks.

Mary J. Blige “Just Fine” remix, featuring Swizz Beats and Lil Wayne


I’m not the mayor of newmusicland but Chip Fu sent over this track, and he’s a friend of FWMJ, so…..plus, I can see this working quite well for my co-workers like Ciph, Bobby and Jabba, etc.

[audio:02 flashlight with intro final..mp3]

Its not “Crazy,” and I know RS Mag says there are no “Crazy”s on the new Gnarls Barkley album, The Odd Couple.…but this song “Run” is still better than everything else I’ve had to listen to this week, so..phooey.

I can’t wait for April when the album drops. Actually anticipating an album? Weird!

Gnarls Barkley, “Run”


Like most of the best hip hop moments, it was a total surprise to the supertrend crowd when Kanye jumped onstage at the Kid Sister/The Cool Kids/DJ A-Trak show this past friday in NYC. Everyone at the Rose Center at The Museum of Natural History went bonkers when Kanye (in a three-quarter-length lapin) walked out to perform “Pro-Nails” with Kid Sister. Nice! Then ‘Ye did some of his own songs, inclding “Flashing Lights,” and brought out The Cool Kids.

Kid Sister looks supercute. I have a photo of me rockin’ a “butter” back in the day somewhere. That’s what we called fingerwaves in Chicago. I’m gonna look for that comedic classic.

(props to Jesse Lee from Dub Frequency, photos spotted at Pitchfork Media, more photos on Pitchfork as well as Fool’s Gold tour dates)

PS: I’m hearing that my fellow Chicagoans The Cool Kids have been getting some Hollywood Hills love from the Joel Maddens and the Justin Timberlakes of the world. Fancy pants. Lol.

Hmmm, looks like someone isn’t happy with how someone handled that drug arrest last week in Arizona……

A few hours after getting out of jail, Weezy performed in Richmond, Va. While venting to the crowd, he says makes some interesting, and not so subtle comments while pointing to his own entourage behind him.

“When your friends turn their back on you, they tell you one thing, say they’re gonna be there for you, and then when things get to that point, muthaf—ers end up looking like a damn [not clear, can anyone hear what he says?].…..I just want all these muthaf–kers that been with me, that ain’t gon’ never been here again….to know that, I did it for y’all. So when I’m not doing it for y’all no mo’….Die.”


(warning, there’s a high-pitched screaming fan at 0:37)

(another version without the crazy screaming fan)

Then Wayne addresses the drug abuse allegations…..”I am the ultimate high. I am my drug.” (uhhh, yes, but uh, that’s not exactly a denial either.)

Later on in the video, he points at the entourage standing behind him and says “I don’t need none of those muthaf—ers, I got you!” (pointing at the crowd) Then he asks the crowd to join him in yelling “f–k you” to his own team. Lil Wayne eventually tells his DJ something and walks off stage.

Wow. What an emotional rollercoaster.

More Weezy antics after the jump


I could try to resist, but the truth is….that Ryan Leslie song is super catchy (so is O’Neal’s “Check your Coat,” which is in the same lost NY-party vein). So naturally, 50 takes it upon himself to jump in and let it work for him instead. Lol.

(but wow, 50 is singing that hook like he’s alone in the shower! I need him in my “Rock Band” band!)


Also, Eskay posted another G-unit track dissing Fat Joe…..I agree with him, the s–t-talking at the end is always hilario but….I’m so over their beefing, I dunno. (When I can no longer remember why 2 people are fighting, that’s when I start picking out the food stuck underneath my fingernails…..eww)

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