May 2007

Wow….why is the broad street bully pickin on the little rich guys, lol…

This is Beanie Sigel from the upcoming Beef 4 DVD….thanks so much to both Nigel from Realtalkny and TeamOnSmash from!! Y’all are so on point. I guess thats who Beanie was talking about in that Cassidy song I posted about earlier….but its a little strange to me. Also, is Beans doing the interview with his eyes closed?

I got a message from 50 Cent today…..Fif’s reaction to last night’s Cam’ron poolside video message:

“My whirlpool is bigger than Cam’s swimming pool.
And he shouldn’t be in front of no camera with daisy dukes on.”

and so the battle of egos continues.

One thing I’d like to point out….these two artists really dont have any real beef with each other. There is no ugly history that I know of, nothing comparative to the 50-vs-Ja situation, or the Cam-vs-JuniorMafia beef. So…..I’m hoping both guys throw mud but keep it at that. Meanwhile, the fans  just watch the show and nobody gets hurt.


So today was pretty uneventful…until 50 Cent appeared on 106 n Park to promote his upcoming album…and as is the case whenever 50 Cent does an interview…he likes to combine promotion with showmanship. So he makes a comment about his rival Cam to fire back up their beef. 50 comments about the recent “altercation” between Cam’ron and Tru Life by saying something like “Cam’ron is afraid to come out his house right now because his eye is busted up….” (if someone has 50’s 106 visit on youtube, please let me know) [EDIT: lol, so according to reader NYTimes, what happened on 106 n Park is that Rosci asked 50 about Cam and 50 said, “I haven’t heard anything since he got punched in the eye…Go ask Tru life” Yikes! Sorry for the misquote, I hadnt watched 106 so I only had second-hand description of 50’s quote]

So….of course….I wasnt surprised when I got the phone call from Cam’ron this evening….and of course, he was pissed off and wanted to send me a video that he says he just made of himself, to prove 50 cent wrong. He said quote:

“I’m on f—in vacation. I was chilling in front of my pool when I heard about this. Look at my f—in eye, Curtis! You thought you was off the hook?….”

NOTE 1: So after finally watching Cam’s home video, I have to say, I laughed outloud at the fact that he did in his drawz, lol……I’m sure 50 Cent is gonna have a field day with this tomorrow, and it will go back n forth, and so on and so on….. I’ll try to find out what 50’s reaction is….

Here’s my Hot97 celebrity drama report about tonite’s exclusive:

[audio:03 CD 5-17-07c.mp3]

And here’s Cam’s response video….these rappers are craze : )

NOTE 2: hmmm, the homies at Worldstarhiphop sent me a second video from Cam and this one includes a much closer shot. I’m sure this will spark more discussion!….Comments?

NOTE 3: And here are the videos of 50 Cent’s appearance on 106 n Park where he made the comments about Cam’ron…..the links I got from Worldstarhiphop, aren’t working so I replaced them with new links from Onsmash….

Part 1:

Part 2:

I mentioned this on celebrity drama tonite….a new Cassidy song called “You Already Know” featuring Beanie Sigel and Fabolous……some folks were getting it twisted, saying that Beanie was dissing Kanye West because of the line that says something about:

Fuck these fake ass rappers…
designer backpacks, tight clothes dressed in drag, tryin to hop on the mic with extra swag

But no, I don’t think this is about Kanye at all, despite the backpack line. It’s obviously Jim Jones and Dipset that Beanie is aiming at, given what he says in this line:

Skinny joe, come on you n—-s know me… capo decap-e…need work get at me… 1-4-duece and Amsterdam, I’m on the hill all day…”

Here is the whole song, courtesy of Swizz:

[audio:You already know.mp3]


this guy is a clown….obviously. But now he’s released a song called “One Finga” (don’t ask me which one it is, because I’m inclined to say pinkie…) and in the song, Sisqo airs out the fact that he resents it when Usher wears clothing with a dragon on it? I’m just assuming that’s what he means but I really have no idea what this dragon-centered drama is about. I also cant figure out what Sisqo’s beef is with R.Kelly…because as far as I can tell, Sisqo is complaining about not getting credit for something and R.Kelly has been around longer than he has…..does it have something to do with Sisqo’s “Thong Song” vs Rkelly’s “Thoia Thong” song?

oh, this is ridiculous…but anyways, here, you listen to the song yourself….

[audio:sisqo – onefinga usher r kelly diss.mp3]

Now that you’ve suffered through that….here’s a much better song to wash away the bad taste the last one left….

Kanye West’s new single “Cant Tell Me Nothing”



this is what all the fuss was about, lol….and yeah, its kinda raunchy hahaa…”you aint gotta take your panties off, just move them to the side”…….”put the rabbit on your cat (bzzzzzzz)

Hilarious. And sorry fellas, but….ladies, his body looks pretty good. For a while there, he seemed to have that kinda icky bloat that you see on guys who eat, take too many supplements and work out too much (see busta). But 50 is lookin leaner, and not too veiny (see LL). Just an observation.

Will this be a big hit? Im not sure…maybe like a candy shop, but not like a magic stick.

shoutout to Onsmash for the vid.

um…..I’m not sure what to say about this….I’ve known Cease since the days of the Late Great Frank White…..and his role in the crew was that of court jester, so maybe he did this to bring some laughs at his own expense? I’m gonna try and ask him himself….

If this is TI’s grand hustle then he’s definitely gettin over on his high-paying college bookers. I dont know if I’m late but my boy Seemi pointed out that TI seems to have the strange luck of getting hit with water balloons/bottles while he’s performing at various college festivals….

It happened at Bentley College Spring Day…..and then just a few weeks later it happened again at Cornell University Slope Day…..hmmm, what a coincidink….TI wouldnt be doing this so that he can cut the gig short and leave in a huff, would he?

Here is Bentley College Spring Day…

And here is Cornell U Slope Day…

ehh, maybe its all part of the show and I’m just being dingy…its late, lol….
I’ll just ask someone close to TI tomorrow.

Game gets bagged for a lame random charge….pulling out on someone during a streetball dispute?….and makes sure he gets his 15 minutes worth of gratuituous publicity.

Blah. I’d have respected it more if he had celebrated the birth of his 2nd son, King Justice Taylor for the media instead of muggin in the back of the cop car and counting his bail money in the holding pen….but, what do I know.

Here’s a clip of the news coverage, thanks to my pals at RealTalkNY

and click below to watch a clip from of Game in the pen….

Game makes a movie…for a bunch of jailbirds….

Well in the previous post I mentioned that little rumor floating around the Atlanta-metro area about a certain rapper who owns a church in ATL, and who was busted in an infamous red-light district trolling for trannies……well, to be honest, I remember hearing a rumor about said rapper having some encounter at a gay gym back in the day but I didnt believe it because I hate how everyone simulataneously becomes gay as soon as they become famous. But now this woman calls up the Ryan Cameron Show down in Atlanta with a story of her encounter with this rapper…..and well, everyone is up in arms. Do you believe her? Or could she just be a scorned jumpoff with revenge on the brain?


On a lighter note…

My friend Andrea sent me a link for MTV’s Human Giant show…which we agree is maybe smarter than it show be, given the audience. But the star of this clip is an 11-year old who allegedly improvised his entire rant…..really? Well I dont know but he’s really funny……now that I think about it….is this the same kid from the movie “Idlewild”???

Click Here to Watch “Shutterbugs” from “Human Giant”

And finally…Shaheem from MTV News sent me this link for that infamous Bobby Brown clip….just think about his situation. He’s mentally distressed and struggling with whatever drug or alcohol damage he’s accumulated over the years. But he’s also financially desperate….so he agrees to appear on a British show where he’s stuck for 24 hours with this guy (see below)….and this is what happens when he puts the moves on the once and future king of r-n-b….

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