March 2007

Ok, well I wasnt sure how to title this one, because its beef but as of now, the details describe an encounter that was unbalanced and mismatched…

This week I broke the news (thanks to a very savvy insider) that Tony Yayo from G-unit had a confrontation outside of his management’s offices (Violator Mgmt). Allegedly, he saw a person wearing a Czar Entertainment hoodie walking by and stepped to the person. (Background: Czar is run by Jimmy Henchmen, manager of The Game and a longtime rival of 50 Cent and hence G-unit) Unfortunately, the person wearing the hoodie was not some Czar Ent soldier, it was Jimmy Henchmen’s 14-year old son, nicknamed Lil Henchmen. The son was walking by the Violator offices on his way home from his internship at his father’s offices. (Violator and Czar have headquarters less than a block away from each other)

According to witness, Yayo pushed the kid against a wall and allegedly smacked him. Now some rumors claim that 50 Cent was nearby in a car and directed Yayo to confront the Czar-hoodie wearer. But I am not confirming any of that. I did speak to someone from both Czar and G-unit and so I am only confirming the first paragraph. Oh, and I will also say that a source close to the boy’s mother has reached out and said that she is livid. Which she has every right to be. G-unit is not in town, they had to leave the next to day for shows in Africa I believe, so they are not here to defend themselves. I know and like some of those guys so I am reserving my judgement for when they can respond to this stuff.

Now here’s where things get crazy….we all hope that apologies could be made and an understanding be reached. But there are rumors that the next day, 50 Cent’s manager Chris Lighty and his brother Mike Lighty were assaulted in the same spot (in front of their Violator offices). Allegedly Mike Lighty was even stabbed. Sources close to Henchmen insist that this is a totally unrelated and coincidental event. Of course the media is buzzing with retaliation claims.

My opinion is…this doesnt make sense as a retaliation because the Lightys are 50’s manager, but far from members of his family. They are also not street guys. Yayo and his boys had street-backgrounds. Jimmy Henchmen is a very strict follower of “street” code. So….I dont know if I can assume that it was retaliation.

One thing….in this day and age, there are alot of teens who look way past grown…16 year old girls who fool men with 25 year old bodies…etc etc….so I had to make sure that this 14 year old boy didnt look like a 26 year old linebacker. He definitely does not. Here is a photo that I got from a friend of the family.


UPDATE: Tony Yayo and G-unit were detained when they landed back in NY. Tony Yayo has been arrested. And Lil’ Henchmen’s mother has released the following statement. Lil’ Henchmen himself has reached out to me via email. Here is his mom’s statement: “As a mother I am concerned that my son (who is a fan of Hip hop) would be attacked by the same artist whose music he listens to. It’s a shame that 50 cent & Tony Yayo could feel comfortable slapping & physically attacking an innocent 14 year old minor that they market & promote their records to. This is a cowardly act on my son who has done nothing to warrant the verbal and physical abuse he received. This issue should not be taken lightly and these men should be looked upon as a serious threat to society, having taken their relentless public rants towards their rivarlys to a level of extreme. This should be looked as a step away from child molestation. I seek justice in the form of restoring my son’s dignity and making sure any child can wear whatever they want without fear of bodily injury.”

UPDATE 2: Tony Yayo has been released on $5000 bail, he was arraigned on one count of misdemeanor assault and one count of endangering a minor. The risk for Yayo is that he recently got out of jail so if he is found guilty the punishment will be more harsh (ie. longer jail term, etc). Another thing: 50 Cent’s lawyer says that 50 was not even in the state of NY when this incident happened. That should be pretty easy to prove true or false.

Kim K and Ray J

After all that haggling, and false denials, and “mutual respect” claims….the Ray J and Kim K sex tape is out….and these two definitely look like porno pros to me. (not that I would know what a pro would look like of course, ack, ahem) Unlike some porns (that I’ve never seen, ack, ahem) which show some pastey pale balding guy with hairy thighs…and some oompa-loompa orange faux-tanimal lady with painful looking cantalope implants….Ray and K are at least good looking folk. Now, Kim is suing to stop the tape, and back when the footage first leaked she said that she didnt think Ray J was the one who sold it to distributor Vivid Films because “he wouldnt do that to her and her family.” Looks like she was wrong. He’s the one being offered a 4-picture deal by Vivid now. Ah, the betrayal.

Well, for all you horndogs, here’s where you can check out the footage…

Ray J and Kim Kardashian mash it up

and big up to my myspace friend Ray for the link!

UPDATE: the other link was disabled, so here’s a new link, courtesy of Worldstarhiphop

Click HERE for Ray J and Kim K Superstar

there are certain times when I actually wish I didnt have the job of reporting celebrity news because I dont like having to report things as personal and sensitive as this….its like being torn between your job and your humanity.

But according to Atlanta insiders, one of my favorite hip hop couples (and I call them a couple no matter what their current status) has suffered a tragic loss. You can read about it HERE (sohh.blogs)

UPDATE: I reached out to TI’s peoples at Atlantic Records and they confirmed that this is true: very sadly, Tiny (formerly of the group Xscape) miscarried her baby and is in the hospital. She and TI were expected their second child together this July. They also share parental duties for 4 other children from past relationships. Much condolences go out to the couple and their friends and family.

trina and the weezer

Trina and Weezy fell in love heat. They got matching jailhouse ash-n-crisco tattoos. Walked red carpet together. And then Wayne even went to Tiffany’s and copped a 30k ring (ok, well from what I hear, his assistant did the copping but thats neither here nor there).

But there were those pesky rumors of Trina’s former romance with Weezy’s “daddy” Baby (I get a kick out of that everytime….Lil Wayne is a babydaddy with a daddyBaby. HA!…corn) And what about those old wedding photos of Wayne and a New Orleans civilian?

And then the last nail….Wayne shows up in a Miami nightclub with Beyonce’s baby sister Solange.

Well now a new Trina song has leaked, in which the Diamond Princess is pouring her heart out the best way she knows how…..with childlike simplicity.

Trina’s “The Way I Felt”…..uh, whats not to love?

[audio:19 way i felt(2).mp3]

Meanwhile….Weezy F Baby Please Say the Baby has his own…er…love song. Dont forget, its just a “black mafia thing.”


keepin it…..real hood gangsta ignorant….

this is just some goofy ish i saw on The Soup…..enjoy.

Dallas Austin talks trash about how blue-eyed soul singer Joss Stone is an opportunity-slut (fyi: she’s now dating Raphael Saadiq) and then proceeds to disclose details of sleeping with Christina Aguilera….and who says men dont gossip like biatches? Divo!

**big up to for the tip!

just because Chris Rock is funny, doesnt mean that his directing is good. Just look at that Pennies From Heaven remake, or that president movie he did starring Bernie Mac….and this Red Hot Chili Peppers video. Apparently, Chris said he’d direct it only if the group were the only white people in the video. Why? Because having them wearing grills and grinding with Smooth Mag models would be ironic and cool? Eh, not so much. At least when Madonna did “My Baby’s Got a Secret” in Harlem it was a lil’ more risque. This is like a CW11 special on the set of Everybody Hates Chris. And….one last thing….Tek? From Real World? extra cheese.

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