It’s a big day for 2 Chainz. Before noon, his appearance on COMPLEX’s G.O.O.D. Music cover made headlines, and Def Jam also announced a special Tity Boi conference call for later this afternoon. 2 Chainz is expected to talk about his upcoming single, “Birthday Song,” featuring Kanye West. But before that, check out what Mr. Chainz told me about working with DONDA on his Based on a TRU Story album cover.

“Shout-out to Kanye and his team, Donda,” 2 Chainz tells VIBE. “It’s just a team full of experts that have different ideas and vision, and when you sitting there meeting, and bounce ideas around you come up with some great things. I appreciate that opportunity.”

In Kanye They Trust: G.O.O.D Music’s Complex Cover Story