Well, it looks like sh*t is hitting the fan for bloggers across the world as well. A 16-year old from the Czech Republic is facing serious jail time for a website (cinema-world.biz) he started, that happened to link to copyrighted materials, mostly movies. Now, for hip-hop blog readers such as yourselves, the crime might not like seem much but record and movie companies seem to be going harder than ever in stopping consumers from enjoying their products for free (in this case copyrighted music and movies). Read about the latest in record companies-trying-to-stop-us from-promoting-their artists-for-free, while their marketing teams send us music to post, here.

Unfortunately, for this unlucky 16-year old he may be facing 2.5 to 4-years in jail. Check out this press release (translated via ZP):

A sixteen year old boy from Liberec was yesterday accused of committing the crime of copyright infringement, rights related to copyright and database rights in accordance with ยง 152 of the Penal Code. According to police, the crime committed by that ran the website, which after almost two years to allow the public online via links movies and serials. Given his young age he is at only half the prison sentence than an adult, so if found guilty of unlawful interference with copyright to a large extent up to 2.5 years, and monetary measures up to 500,000 crowns. Even if the crime committed until April 2010, police accused him under the Criminal Code in force until the end of 2009, it is favorable to the offender. Under the new Criminal Code, an offense is a breach of copyright, rights related to copyright and database rights can store up to eight-year prison sentence.”

The young culprit defended himself by stating: I did not load anything anywhere, everything was copied from similar sites.

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He also said on the profitability of such a site:

Well, it was about two months after starting full operation the second site, it was a text ad. The reason was simple: The site has been increasingly difficult for hosting and I could not afford such a pay hosting alone. I went mainly to finance the operation itself, from the beginning I was not profitable.

When asked about having 15.5 million visitors to the site:

Absolutely not. Visitors to the site indicated was obviously biased to increase the prestige of the site. There are sites with the same content and a lot more visitors. The daily average was about 7,000 people a few times that I managed to get 15 000 people per day was an exception and not the rule, visitors are also quite varied, last month it was only a few thousand people per day.

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